JXL makes editing issues and getting your job done in Jira much easier and faster. So much that you created so many sheets that you asked for an overview page. Here we go, introducing the new sheets directory.

All your recently used sheets easily accessible

The new screen is accessible from the Apps menu in the Jira header navigation. It lists all your recently used sheets and top projects with their sheets. Additionally, you can create new sheets straight from the overview.

If you’re not familiar with JXL yet, check it out and build your perfect table views. No matter if you’re a Project Manager, Jira Admin…

In JXL sheets Jira fields are displayed as table cells and can be edited in various ways. For example, single-line text or number cells can be edited inline, multi-line text fields in dialogs, and select lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, dates and times, labels, components, versions, people. etc. in purposefully designed picker dropdown menus.

JXL. It’s still your Jira, just easier and faster.

All editable fields in JXL can also be updated by simply marking them (one or multiple) and just pasting values into them. Yep, just like in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, Airtable, or whatever your fave spreadsheet app happens to be. Just copy and paste away.

Just starting off our humble new company blog by re-sharing our launch press release from 29 March 2021 (original can be found here and the corresponding TechCrunch article here). Can’t believe it’s already been 2 months, 200+ installs, and 25k+ users. Expect more awesomeness to come, as we embark on our quest to make your Jira experience easier and faster.

SYDNEY, 29 March 2021 − Now out of beta, JXL is available for all Jira Cloud users. The app combines the power of Jira with the familiarity of spreadsheets, allowing users to effortlessly manage all their work in one place…

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Our passion is to craft beautiful software that really helps you get your job done.

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