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Finhaven Gateway partners with Parallell to use FINWallet as a regulated protocol for DEFI in the Metaverse

Finhaven™ Gateway is pleased to announce a collaboration with Parallell to integrate FINWallet™, a KYC and anti-money laundering compliant crypto wallet, into the NFT infrastructure technology in Parallell’s metaverse. Finhaven™ Gateway is licensed by Finhaven™ Technology Inc. to use its FINWallet™ and NFT technology infrastructure.

Finhaven Gateway, a FINWallet™ provider, is a member of VerifyVASP so that it can connect to other crypto exchanges in compliance with the travel rule. FINWallet™ holders will be whitelisted for KYC, AML, anti-terrorist financing, anti-bribery and corruption, and travel rule purposes and can transfer their crypto assets to other exchanges who are also members of VerifyVASP in a regulation-compliant way.

Finhaven™ Technology Inc.’s (“Finhaven’s”) NFT infrastructure technology offers a bridge contract for a token to be interoperable between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chains. Finhaven’s NFT minting solution addresses NFT copyright ownership issues.

The newly established collaboration will consider the full range of Finhaven’s technology offerings, including securities marketplace and clearing functionality currently used by Finhaven™ Capital Inc. in its operations.

Parallell is a new travel-style metaverse with never-before-seen integrated digital twins of real-world landmarks and fictional planets and is the first galaxy to offer “travel and earn” opportunities. Players in Parallell’s hyper-realistic metaverse encounter visually stunning earth locations as well as an open virtual galaxy filled with quests and mini-games. Users need Digital Passport NFTs to enter and travel between planets in the Parallell galaxy. Digital Passports allow players to choose an Avatar NFT, enabling players to create an ID portfolio they can play with. They can also hold, buy and sell digital assets such as real estate, custom avatars, wearables, treasures and more.

As part of this exciting opportunity, both parties intend to collaborate internationally targeting the US, EU, South America, Asia and Southeast Asia markets.

Finhaven™ and FINWallet™ are trademarks owned and used by Finhaven Technology Inc. and they are the subjects of pending trademark applications with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office to register these trademarks as Canadian registered trademarks. Any unlicensed use of any of these trademarks is strictly prohibited. Finhaven Gateway Inc., has been granted a license by Finhaven Technology Inc. to use Finhaven™ and FINWallet™ in business communications.



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