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Managing the ownership and transfer of Security Tokens with Finhaven

Towards technical standards and interoperability of securities on the Ethereum blockchain

Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain

Tokens are themselves smart contracts, or thought of more simply, “apps” or “decentralized apps” (dapps) — code that executes on the public Ethereum blockchain.

  • ERC 721, a standard for non-fungible tokens supporting everything from land titles to digital cats (authored by another local BC company, Axiom Zen)
  • ERC 777, an even newer token standard that likely supersedes and improves on 20 & 223, that Finhaven is looking to base its security tokens on

ERC 999 Restriction of Ownership & Transfer of Tokens

We believe that having a record of token ownership on the public blockchain is valuable for many use cases.

Standard ERC-20 Transfer
Security Token Smart Contract with “allowed” Whitelist

Finhaven Token Holder KYC to Support Security Needs

The technical details described above form the starting point for thinking about security tokens.

Emerging Work in Decentralized Security Tokens

We’ve been pleased to see other organizations beginning to come forward and launch open source efforts of standardization. Read the Introduction to Harbor, and check out their R-Token on Github.

Upcoming Events

We are hosting a Security Token community meetup in Toronto on Tuesday, February 13th.



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