B&B – Brainstorming & Beers 💡🍻

We’ve been holding a lot of user feedback sessions lately. Why? To get to know what our users expect of Finimize MyLife so we can make getting your finances in order as easy as possible. So, we thought of the idea to launch “Brainstorming & Beers”, which is exactly what it sounds like. As we know, beers can help in getting those ideas and that inspiration flowing…

The inaugural Brainstorming & Beers session 😁

This past Wednesday, we had a couple users come by the office to brainstorm ideas and look at a few different designs that we’ve put together. With sharpies in hand and post-its ready to go, the team led users through the beginning steps of the platform and asked them to brainstorm what they would want to see next. Overall, we got some interesting feedback that resulted in some fresh ideas for Finimize MyLife (keep an eye out in the Alpha).

Stay tuned and join us for the next one 😉!

Written by Anna — Community at Finimize