Finimize MyLife — Getting a Grip on Personal Finance 👏

Charlotte Scott’s Thoughts on Finimize MyLife

Hey, I’m Charlotte. 👋

As any entrepreneurial spirit from even a marginally insecure family background will know: anxiety surrounding finances can be emotionally and (surprisingly) physically draining. From overhearing hushed discussions regarding school fees as a child, to realizing our income wasn’t enough to suffice for rent, if there was nothing else that remained a firm constant throughout my adolescence, it was the determination that I would never struggle with finances as my family had. I also grew up convinced that, regardless of whatever business prowess I might develop, I would never be able to run my own enterprise if I couldn’t get a handle on my personal finances.

Demystifying Finance 🤔

Unfortunately, financial insecurity happens to be a pretty inevitable part of adulthood. No matter how many times I devoured Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Think & Grow Rich, or Beating the Street, I could never really get my head around the jargon of investment terms, or how exactly inflation might affect real wages and my future pension — let alone find a platform that would help me realistically plan and track finances from my phone.

Fortunately, that’s when a friend (and possibly the next Warren Buffett) introduced me to Finimize.

What began as a daily dip into the latest economic news soon became my formal introduction into the world of finance — demystified. As Big Short author, Michael Lewis, would point out: the jargon that glorified financial advisors use is deliberately incomprehensible to the unwitting average consumer.

Finimize “finimized” My Life, literally. 👍

Finimize has helped me understand more concepts that are thrown around in the finance world, and Finimize MyLife has been the answer to get a grip on personal finance. How much of my disposable income do I realistically have available to invest? If I want to buy a car or house (or puppy 🐶) someday, how can I achieve that in the most efficient way? Finally, answers to my questions 🙏

While in the past the stuff of wealth management was considered an abstract term reserved for the 1%, we move into an increasingly uncertain gig economy, we need to do everything we can now to take control of our finances to facilitate our future plans and safeguard our livelihood.

From answering our daily queries regarding inflation rates and how exactly VAT works (no such thing as a stupid question at Finimize), to planning out our finances on Finimize MyLife, Finimize is here to help us reach our future goals — whether saving up for a nest egg, investing in stocks, accruing sufficient capital for a start-up and living our dreams.

I’ve Finimized My Life — not avoided a phone call from the bank, nor missed a rent payment (yet) — and I feel so much better for it. 💃

~Charlotte Scott

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