Finimize’s Favorite Podcasts For 2018 🎧

It’s the time of year again where everyone’s thinking, “New Year, New Me” — so we thought we’d put together a list of the inspirational, intelligent and flat-out entertaining podcasts we all listen to here at Finimize. Whether you’re looking to make radical changes in 2018 or simply get more up to speed on startups in the tech scene, keep reading. 🤓

Here are the top podcasts we’re listening to… and some news on one of our own.

Politics, Comedy, Sports, Money

For politics nerds (“enthusiasts”) the team prefers tuning in to Pod Save America, a podcast created by four former Obama aides that brings in a range of guests. It’s an irreverent look at American politics, while also unpacking deeper issues raised by the current presidency. Speakers featured on the show include everyone from comedian Seth Myers to US Senator Dick Durbin.

Another recommendation is The Axe Files, presented by the University of Chicago’s David Axelrod. Also a former Obama advisor, he brings together noteworthy political figures in an intriguing podcast.

The Joe Rogan Experience is a great listen if you can’t settle on just one theme. The comedian, martial arts commentator and podcast host brings on guests from comedy, like Whitney Cummings; from film, like actor Mel Gibson; and from sports, like UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley.

Another favorite in this category is Planet Money. An NPR feature, this podcast explains the economy in an entertaining and fun manner. You’ll discover how a range of topics affect the economy, from insurance policies to government shutdowns. Economic case studies, like that of Saudi Arabia, are also included in this (surprisingly) engaging podcast.

Tech and Startups

Masters of Scale digs deep into what is really takes to scale a business and includes lessons learned from some of the bigwigs. Guests have included Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Netflix’s Reed Hastings. This is a must for anyone working in the startup space, or those thinking of starting their own project someday. Note: interesting sound effects included.

We like “no bullshit” interviews with people that are big names in the business world. This Week in Startups, with interviews led by VC investor Jason Calacanis and other experts, features guests like Jed York (CEO of the San Francisco 49ers), Emily Kirsch (CEO & Founder of Powerhouse) and Peter Thiel (Co-founder of Paypal & Palantir).

Along similar lines is the brilliant Success! How I Did It podcast from Business Insider, with revealing conversations uncovering tips on how to get straight to the top. Here you can listen to interviews with leading figures across the board — from politics to entertainment to startups. In the same vein, The Entrepreneurs from Monocle magazine delves into the most inspiring companies and people in global business.

Enlightening and Thought-Provoking

Cory Allen — author, podcast host, meditation teacher, mastering engineer and composer — leads a podcast that makes you reflect on your choices, your career, your lifestyle and, more generally, life on a large scale. His smooth, deep voice on The Astral Hustle really draws you in. In a mindful and spiritual manner, Cory and his guests discuss the real world in a different light. Speakers in the past have included Dr. Judson Brewer, veteran of many TED appearances, and Kyle Kingsbury, former UFC fighter.

Malcolm Gladwell has a genius podcast, entitled Revisionist History, that takes a second look at experiences from the past. He covers historical events — like a secret operation launched by the Pentagon in 1965 in Saigon — and even court cases like Brown vs. Board of Education, and questions whether we got it right the first time around.

One feature by NPR is particularly interesting and really makes you think. In Hidden Brain, journalist Shankar Vedantam uses stories and science to discover unconscious patterns that influence us in making decisions, forming relationships and altering our behavior.

News Podcasts

Our favorites to stay up to date on the news include the NPR News Now and the BBC World Service Global News podcasts while enjoying a morning brew, as we do daily. Other news podcasts worth trying are World Update: Daily Commute and NPR: Up First.

Scary Nonfiction

I think it’s safe to say that all of us like a scare every once in a while. A few of our favorite podcasts in this category completely consume you and take you along for a ride (make sure to always look behind you…😟).

The award-winning Lore takes a look at scary stories through a historical and nonfictional lens, unearthing the dark side that all of us enjoy. Have you ever wondered where werewolves really came from?

Serial went viral when it was published at the end of 2014 and we’re some of its biggest fans. If you haven’t listened to or heard of it, you could think of it as Making a Murderer in podcast form. It takes you on a journey of investigative journalism by examining past cases through storytelling that keeps you on the edge of your seat! Another podcast that discusses past murder cases, Atlanta Monster, is even scarier. It covers the Atlanta Child Murders from 40 years ago — and brings attention to those still seeking justice.

Finimize Podcast

Drumroll please! It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for — and potentially the greatest one of all. We’re working on launching an audio version of our daily email soon, and may even explore further ventures in the future. Jamie, Editor at Finimize, brings in his engaging and charismatic personality for a fun digest of the daily Finimize newsletter. Stay tuned. 🚀

~Anna, Community at Finimize