#FintechFinimize’d: Simplifying Finance Recap

This past Wednesday, we hosted our first #FintechFinimize’d event. The overall theme for the evening was “Simplifying Finance”, prompting each company to address how they’re doing this in their respective niche. Paul Nugent (Head of Business Marketing @ TransferWise), Vasanth Subramanian (Head of Product & Co-Founder @ acasa), and Alan McAlpine (Product Marketing Manager @ Curve) were among the speakers, along with Max from Finimize.

Paul from TransferWise addressed the launch of the brand new Borderless Accounts feature, which specifically targets small businesses! They’ll be able to open an account with TransferWise in the U.S., U.K. and Eurozone, which includes the respective account details that are relevant to each region, i.e. sort code (UK) and IBAN (EU). And in typical TransferWise-fashion, Paul threw in a witty joke about the incumbents here and there 😂

Vasanth from acasa shared the mission behind acasa, specifically how the company is working to minimize the hassle of splitting bills in the home. Acasa partners with utility providers to ensure a smooth rent and housing process. They’re around to make sure flatmates don’t end up hating each other 😉

Alan from Curve chatted about how he really likes Super Mario (his slides were awesome)— and the ultimate all-encompassing card that Curve offers. No longer will we need to walk around with 5 cards in our pocket, rather we’ll have one card that allows us to spend from all of our accounts.

Max discussed Finimize’s role in simplifying finance, i.e. making finance more accessible to millennials. He showed a few screenshots of Finimize MyLife and how the financial planning platform will address your whole financial life. You can sign up to the waitlist and get access to the app soon 🎉

Typical for London, a range of diverse and really intriguing people showed up. Pieter from Brussels works at Square, which recently expanded to the U.K., while Mafi, from Portugal, previously worked in the San Francisco tech scene and has moved to London to pursue work in growth.

Overall the event was super fun and a great success involving delicious pizza and beer, meeting cool individuals, and enjoying engaging presentations. A big thanks to the nearly 100 people that attended, and shoutout to Anders, our Head of Product, for moderating the whole event 🙌

If you want to contribute to the planning of the next #FintechFinimized event, fill out this short survey and let me know what topic you’d like the next one to revolve around!

-Anna, Community at Finimize