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The Finimize App Launch 🚀

This past week, we launched our app and screened the community video that we’ve been filming over the past few months. And we couldn’t have done it without our stellar community.

The Community Video — Putting Faces to the Finimize Community

“I’m a Finimizer”

We ❤ Our Community

Community has been an important component of Finimize since the very beginning. In 2016, when Max (CEO & Founder) started the Finimize journey, he began with a daily email newsletter to describe the top two financial news stories of the day. The goal was to refrain from jargon and use simple language instead to ensure accessibility. The newsletter grew from twenty to 200,000 subscribers where it is today.

If it wasn’t for the incredible users that we have, we wouldn’t have been able to successfully build the app. Throughout the whole process we’ve been user testing, re-designing, and re-thinking the whole app as you see it today in the app store. Shout-out to all the Finimizers that have come to past Brainstorming & Beers sessions and general user testing sessions during the past year!

First ever meetup in London, 2016 // Boston Finimizer-hosted event

From the very beginning, we’ve met interesting people at our events. Our first event ever was in September of 2016, where Max and former Co-Founder Scott met users at a pub around the corner from the office in London. The team met open, engaged and interested users, which led us to hosting more events and starting our “#Finimized” series. We’ve hosted drinks with Finimize Insiders to panel discussions, including one with TransferWise, Curve and Acasa. We’ve even started branching out to user-hosted events in other cities — most recently Boston!

The Launch Party

200 Finimizers showed up and helped us celebrate the launch! It was humbling to see so many people come to the event and take part in the journey of Finimize. Max addressed the mission of Finimize and the importance of bringing power to the people, especially when it comes to their finances. You can read more in Max’s blog post, Finance shouldn’t be any different.

I reconnected with users that have come to past events, whilst meeting new people too. Alessandro attended, who I met at our first Brainstorming & Beers session back in August 2017, as well as George, who had been, and still is, heavily involved in testing the old FML concept, as well as the new app. Mafi, one of the users that was featured in our video, came by and brought some of her friends — some of which had just heard of Finimize for the first time that evening! It was great to meet Alice and her boyfriend, who have said that reading the daily newsletter has helped them get a better grip on the financial world. It’s also translated into a better understanding of their personal finances.

Launch Party vibes ✌

My favorite part about Finimize events, which really showed at the launch party, is that we draw an incredibly diverse crowd — from bankers and consultants, to students and creatives. Despite differences, people connect and find a common thread. 🤗

You can catch us at the next event #Finimized: New Age Investing on June 27th, where CEOs of robo advisors Wealthsimple, Scalable Capital, Wealthify, and Moneyfarm will discuss investing as a whole and where it’s headed. Grab a spot here.

P.S. Send us feedback on the app here. We read every single piece of it!

~Anna, Community at Finimize



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