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Why is height not working?

Parent does not stretch to child’s height.

I want height to be 100% of the viewport.

Why is element overflowing even though I’ve my height set?

Difference between width and height


Element would take 50% of the default width.


The parent’s height is set to 100px, so the element can be 50% tall of that value

I have my measures correct, but it still looks messy?

Here comes a little telltale about box sizing.

Margin, padding and border
width is 50% — 2 times margin 15px


Box-sizing set to border-box

Relative yet defined workaround(s)

VH and VW


EM and REM


You have to be careful with em, because it set the value based on the direct parent’s value, which can be also derived from the latter’s ancestors.





Not working and you don’t know why? I don’t either. Let’s fink together.

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