Morning Pages are a tool for producing innovation, insight, and calm

It is important to find new ways to make new sense of a changing world.

When Julia Cameron wrote The Artist’s Way she introduced the world to a new technique for self-reflection and problem-solving. Called Morning Pages, the practice was intended to help people reconnect with their creative selves. In a world of constant change, where innovation matters more and more, Morning Pages are also fast becoming an important leadership tool.

Morning Pages give you access to your unconscious intuition. They enable you to spot patterns your conscious mind might not have seen and find unexpected solutions.

The technique for Morning Pages is simple: sit down with a pen and paper first thing in the morning, before your conscious mind is fully awake, and write out longhand whatever comes into your mind. Keep going until you have filled three sides of paper. Then make a note of anything significant and get on with your day. Repeat the process the next morning or for as long as you feel the need to draw on this extra source of information.

The benefits come in three stages:

  • First, you get any niggling worries out of your mind and down on to the paper. This clears your head, calms you, and allows you to focus better on your priorities
  • Second, you produce new insights and understanding
  • Third, you can even find unexpected solutions and resolve dilemmas

And it often works quickly and without effort.

You already spend most of your day analysing problems rationally, so if that approach isn’t bringing you the results you need, you might like to try the Morning Pages. Find out whether the 95 percent of your mind that is unconscious has any other answers. Like journalist Oliver Burkeman, you might be sceptical at first. But like him and many others, you might also find yourself wishing you had started years ago.

How often do you find yourself getting stuck with finding solutions to problems or worrying about them? How well are you able to access and call upon your intuition as an alternative problem-solving approach? Do you want to stick with the approaches you use today, or do you have a question you have been trying to answer for a long time where it might it be worth trying something different?

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