is launching “Female developer of the year”

Picture of female developers

With this award, we want to highlight some of the many amazing achievements made by female developers. Our goal is to share knowledge with each other and inspire even more women to choose technology by showcasing some of the many talented role models in Norway.

Since 2017, FINN has had a dedicated focus on diversity and gender balance, and we have set ourselves tough goals, especially when it comes to our technology department. We have worked towards having have a minimum of 20% female developers in technology. We consider the benefits and opportunities of having a good gender balance to be essential in order to be able to deliver a product that is used by the entire population of Norway.

In today’s society, we believe that there is a lack of a pure selection (and celebration!) of women who work with technology and coding. That is why we are now launching the Female Developers of the Year award.

If you know someone who deserves to be named Female Developer of the Year, you can nominate them here. Of course, you can also nominate yourself.

Nominate your candidate here.

What does it take to be nominated?

  • Must be a developer and practice their subject
  • Must be a good role model for others

Practical information

The selection will be announced at the Universum Awards, 11 November 2021. FINN has its own jury that selects 1–3 places of this year’s nominees. The final date for nomination is 31st October.

The jury consists of developers in FINN:

Nicolai Høge, CTO
Bente Ulvestad, Engineering Director
Beate Boger, Developer
Kjersti Lunde, Engineering Director
Maria Hammervold Espelid, Developer

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Ingrid Berg Skarland

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