An overview of Proof-of-stake tokens on the Finoa platform

At Finoa, we’re constantly integrating new protocols to enable seamless access to innovative web3 projects for institutional investors. With our recent Audius integration, you can now safely stake and generate rewards for six blockchain protocols. This includes both Layer-1 and Layer-2 protocols. Layer-1 refers to the underlying blockchain network while Layer-2 describes overlying networks built on top of other blockchains.

Oasis Network

Oasis Network is a Layer-1 blockchain designed to bring scalability to the web3 ecosystem. A high emphasis on privacy enables the formation of a digital asset created by tokenizing data. As the data remains private and can’t be used without permission, users can earn rewards by staking their data with apps.

Native Token: ROSE


  • Securing the network through staking
  • Delegation on the Consensus Layer
  • Smart contract operations that require fees on the Paratimes Layers


Mina, a new-gen Layer-1 blockchain, is the world’s lightest blockchain with a fixed size of 22 kilobytes. Powered by the participants, Mina’s zkApps technology allows developers to access real-life data and quickly bring it on-chain. The protocol prioritizes privacy in the ecosystem, meaning that the users are in full control of their data.

Native Token: MINA

Function: Securing the network through staking


Developed by Dapper Labs, FLOW is a Layer-1 blockchain made for the next generation of digital asset developers and web3 builders. A green decentralized network, Flow uses multi-node architecture instead of sharding, resulting in significant improvement in speed and efficiency.

Native Token: FLOW or 𝔽


  • Securing the network through staking
  • Payments in the network
  • Governance


Near is a public, sharded platform that allows developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) freely. Certified Carbon-neutral, this Layer-1 blockchain can scale linearly to billions of users without compromising on cost efficiency. The network envisions the evolution of the Open Web by empowering creators with high speeds and progressive UX.

Native Token: NEAR


  • Securing the network through staking
  • Store data on the network
  • Payment of transaction cost


Built to provide dApps with a fully decentralized Ethereum-compatible network, SKALE is a web3 hybrid Layer-1 blockchain, with Layer-2 characteristics. The SKALE network uses a Proof-of-Stake mechanism to ensure that it is scalable, secure, and efficient.

Native Token: SKL

Function: Securing the network through staking


Audius is a decentralized music streaming platform that allows users to earn rewards by creating and curating content. Built with the motive of empowering artists, Audius enables participants to define their monetization structure. Its Layer-2 web3 technology is powered by the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

Native Token: AUDIO


  • Securing the network through staking
  • Access to exclusive features on the platform
*for custom validator setup, please inquire.

Disclaimer: APYs are estimations/indicators and Finoa cannot guarantee APYs. This article is not intended to be, nor does it constitute financial advice. Finoa does not endorse or recommend any particular securities, currencies, or other financial products. This content is solely for informational purposes and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any spot currency transactions, financial instruments, or other securities.



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