Finoa Custody: Launching the world’s first fully digital warm-storage custody solution for Digital Assets

Banking-grade custody and asset-servicing solutions for institutional investors in Digital Assets

Finoa’s Vision: Servicing “The Era of Tokenization”

We at Finoa believe in a future where assets will be natively digital, tokenized, and represented on the Blockchain.

  • Fully Digital: App/Browser Interfaces;
  • Immediately Accessible: Warm Storage;
  • Highest Security: Cryptographic Device Pairing;
  • Fully Compliant: PSD2, EBICS, Audit; and
  • Uniquely Regulated: License and Insurance Partners.

Finoa’s Technology: First Smartphone-Controlled, Core-Banking-Integrated Infrastructure

Our architecture leverages the highest security banking standards known to the market. Combining established and proven technology from the traditional banking industry with our knowledge in Blockchain and cyber security, Finoa created a solution based on four major building blocks:

  • Utilizing the most-secure available Smartphone Hardware of Google Pixel 3, the worldwide only Smartphone with tamper-resistant hardware security module supporting StrongBox Keymaster;
  • Integrating one of the world’s first Blockchain-adapted Core Banking System for secure accounting and reconciliation, developed in-house over the course of the last year;
  • Cryptographic-Pairing of Smartphones/Fingerprints (latest smartphone generation with mobile, programmable HSMs) with eBanking interface and HSM infrastructure; and
  • Establishing redundant infrastructure plus backup-mechanism in banking-scale high-security data center.

About Finoa

Finoa is a German-based Startup, founded by a team of banking technology and cyber security experts, FinTech-entrepreneurs, financial services professionals and former strategy consultants. The initial product of Digital Assets custody will serve as the base to grow the product portfolio in the future with more Digital Assets financial services such as Prime Brokerage, Tokenization Services, and/or Investment Services/Wealth Management.

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Reliable and secure custody and staking solutions for institutions across a wide range of digital assets.

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