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This story was originally published on February 13, 2015 by FinTech Sandbox Executive Director Jean Donnelly

FinTech Sandbox is rocketing toward its official launch on March 26th! We have three beta startups in the program. They are:

  • Elsen — a cloud-based platform for massively accelerating financial calculations run by hedge funds and other financial institutions,
  • Kensho — systems for answering complex financial questions posed by investment analysts in plain English, and in real-time, and
  • Quantopian — an algorithmic investing platform and crowd-sourced hedge fund.

They have been invaluable in helping us streamline the on-boarding process so the next startups that join the program will be able to hit the ground running. With our official launch so close, we have begun accepting applications from startups interested in the program.

To be considered, your startup needs to be incorporated, you need a technical team (or at the very least a technical lead), and you need to be far enough down the product development path that you are ready to use data in a productive fashion right away to optimize your six month window.

We are already strong in capital markets and investment data from partners Thomson Reuters, SIX Financial Information, FactSet, Xignite, Tradier, Plaid and Benzinga. If you need access to datasets from these partners to accelerate product development, then we are ready for you. We are looking to add insurance data, consumer finance data, payments data and other banking data to the mix in the future.

Our data partners as of mid-March, 2015
And data partners that have joined us since then!

We are looking especially for startups that will embrace the community aspects of the Sandbox program by sharing what they learn with other FinTech entrepreneurs.

Over the next few months we’ll use the blog to:

Keep you up-to-date on news — Many in the community have asked how to keep up to date on progress at the Sandbox. This blog will be the place to look for information about new partners, sponsors, and startups accepted into the program.

Discuss data, technology, and APIs — Our sponsors, partners and advisors love to talk about data and innovation. We’re inviting them to share their experiences and their passion as it related to these topics in upcoming posts.

Let our startups tell their stories — You’ll hear how they are using data and other resources at FinTech Sandbox to accelerate product development.

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