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It’s been an impressive 200 weeks since we published the first FinTech Weekly newsletter. And boy, that one was very different from what we’re doing now…A brief history showing how complexity in fintech has skyrocketed since then.

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Jan 16, 2019 · 3 min read

Take a look at FinTech Weekly #1. It was sent to 41 subscribers on November 17th, 2014 and had somewhat of a nerdy hands-on approach to fintech. Being web developers with a fintech focus ourselves (FinTech Weekly is a brand of our web agency Railslove) we mostly cared about serving fintech developers useful stuff to help them work better.

The very beginning, the very first newsletter issue.

Fast forward to today. FinTech Weekly Issue #200 went out to over 20.000 subscribers and offers a much broader overview on recent developments, trends and strategies. We’ve become more of an executive’s summary for the FS industry, we help you understand how technology changes the business step by step and how to remain on track. Well, at least that’s what we hope we’re doing. No more code libraries, no more fintech tools for devs.

But that’s okay.

Thank you for a great journey

In 2014 we were dead sure fintech was about to be a huge thing and given our background in building fintech tools and implementing payment services for our customers for years, we wanted to be part of what was about to really just get started. We inherited some code from our good friends at Android Weekly which still makes up our website’s backend and got to work.

On this route, we started building all kinds of features, the most successful being our Conference Calendar. We launched a FinTech Press Releases service and a list of worldwide fintech companies. We became real fintechies.

In early 2015 our website looked like this. Little content, focussing on getting people signed up. And it worked like a charm.

We really want to say thank you to the fintech community and everyone interested in the field for making us what we have become.

We learned an awful lot and had the chance to travel to the best events in fintech, interview great personalities and enjoy some great conversations — and a casual drink or two with wonderful people.

We are looking forward to publishing a couple of hundred more issues, listing a couple of thousand more events and learning a million things more.

See you next week. Thank you all for reading.

– Michael and the FinTech Weekly team.

Fintech Weekly Magazine

Insights into where finance meets technology - from…

Fintech Weekly Magazine

Insights into where finance meets technology - from experts, for experts.

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FinTech Weekly is a news service for the FS industry. Our newsletter comes out weekly, wrapping up the most important insights and strategies from the past week

Fintech Weekly Magazine

Insights into where finance meets technology - from experts, for experts.