3 ways to prepare your bank’s workforce for AI

Artificial intelligence is often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. This revolution is already transforming most industries and organizations, none more so than banks.

“In 2020, artificial intelligence will create 2.3 million jobs and eliminate just 1.8 million.” — Gartner

1. Create a culture of trust

Successful AI implementations require a team effort. Teams will only get behind your initiatives if they feel involved, understand what you’re trying to achieve, and trust that the technology is working to better the organization.

  1. Defense: Can you defend the algorithms that will be used by the AI? Can you explain how they will be combined to guide decision making?
  2. Direction: What roles and which people will be part of the training methodology for AI? Are you clear about your use case and the value you want to achieve by applying AI?

“Business leaders don’t think their workers are ready for AI, yet only 3 percent are reinvesting in training. ” — Accenture

2. Reskill your workforce to sustain, explain, or train AI

Accenture research found that business leaders don’t think their workers are ready for AI, yet only 3 percent are reinvesting in training.

“In the future, all employees will be trainers, explainers, or sustainers of AI.” — MIT

3. Redefine old processes

AI, particularly conversational AI, can help your teams achieve great things. But it requires a shift in the status quo. For example, when you implement conversational AI in a traditional customer support function, you can’t expect an ideal outcome without altering some of the ways in which your team operates.

About Finn AI

Founded in 2014, Finn AI is the world’s leading AI-powered conversational banking technology provider, working with top financial institutions including: ATB Financial, Bank of Montreal (BMO), Banpro Grupo Promerica, Fidor Bank, and TymeBank, as well as partnerships with Visa Canada, Auth0, and Temenos. Banks use the award-winning Finn AI platform to transform and deepen customer engagement — providing a truly personalized digital-first experience — while delivering the operational efficiencies and cost savings of conversational AI.



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