Considering the Cloud Apps you don’t know about

GDPR has been covered in great length in the run up to the enforcement date, with checklists, guides and whitepapers telling us what we need to do to stay compliant. This is all great, if your data is held in and structured in one central place. But the rise of cloud based app usage within financial services and fintech organisations could certainly cause some difficulty when it comes to complying with the rules.

  • Understand Data Usage: When using cloud apps organisations need to audit and understand what data they hold, where it came from, where it is held, what they do with that data, if it’s shared and how it fits with their data policies.
  • Data Protection Policy, Business Processes and Procedures: Organisation need to ensure they have a data protection policy in addition to any required processes and procedures to ensure the information risk is being managed effectively.
  • Staff Training: Organisations must engage employees, teams and contractors on what GDPR means for them in their day to day job and train them on the policies and procedures that they need to adhere to, to ensure the company remains compliant.



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