How DApps Can Encourage Better Social Media Engagement

Have you ever delved into the comments section on a post by a favorite self-help guru, author or actor only to notice that she never responds to or acknowledges comments from her followers? That, in fact, the only interaction that this social media personality has with fans is through content that is posted and then left to die a slow death from lack of interest?

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Oct 2, 2018 · 5 min read

by Heidi Yu

It is a fact that a low level of engagement is almost guaranteed when followers habitually go unacknowledged by would-be influencers. When people see that there will most likely be no response, they are far less liable to comment on or like a post. This failure to follow up and nurture connections is a crucial yet common error made by content creators. Nobody likes to be ignored, and this behavior is the social media equivalent of delivering a rambling monologue and then immediately leaving the room, never allowing any input or response from those that you are supposedly trying to engage.

There are any number of reasons why a social media personality may feel wary of one-on-one interaction with fans. Some may be overwhelmed by the volume of comments on a post and feel unable to respond adequately. Others may feel concern about maintaining boundaries, even to the point of worrying about their personal safety. Still others may be unaware of the effect that their negligence is having on their fans.

Walking the fine line between engaging with fans and setting personal limits can seem daunting, especially if you are an appealing and knowledgeable personality with a lot of people clamoring for your attention. In the end, however, challenging though it may be to strike this balance, it is a situation that you must learn to navigate successfully if you are an aspiring social media influencer. You simply cannot afford to make the mistake of neglecting your followers. Fortunately there are intriguing newer technologies on the horizon to help you more effectively manage your social media presence.

Blockchain Technology Brings Safety and Transparency to Interactions with Fans
Blockchain-based technology is an emerging technology that is poised to forever change the way social media content creators interact with their fans. For those who need a little more background, a blockchain is a database in which records are stored on a decentralized network of computers instead of in one location, like on a conventional central database. Applications that run on blockchain technology are called decentralized applications, or dApps for short.

DApps are a relatively new technology with their defining characteristics still evolving, but they generally possess several common traits. First of all, they are open-source, meaning that any changes to them are decided by a consensus of all users in the blockchain database. Second, they are decentralized (stored on public, decentralized blockchains). Third, they generate cryptographic tokens to incentivize validators of the blockchain. And lastly, these tokens are generated by way of a cryptographic algorithm, like a Proof of Work (PoW) or a Proof of Stake (PoS) that demonstrates their value.

So now that we have a pretty good idea of what dApps are, just how can they help to foster the peace of mind that encourages deeper and more trusting relationships between influencers and followers? By nature, dApps and the blockchain technology on which they run have a built-in integrity and trustworthiness that can be missing from traditional applications. In the blockchain environment, every computer, or node in the decentralized database must validate each transaction in order for it to complete. Transactions are immutable once they are added to the blockchain record, that is to say that once a transaction happens, the record of it can never be altered or destroyed. This innate transparency of the blockchain environment also makes it much more difficult to perpetrate any type of fraud than it is on a conventional platform.

How dApps Can Help You to Engage with Fans
Now back to the reasons that an up-and-coming social media star may not be actively nurturing relationships with followers. If time and scheduling are issues, there’s a dApp for that. BOOSTO is a dApp marketplace that allows you to choose dApps that cater to your particular needs as an influencer and assemble them into a unique online “store.” If you don’t see the dApp you need, you can team up with a developer to create exactly what you envision. It’s like designing your own social media platform.

Maybe you need a dApp that schedules posts, and reminds you to check comments and likes at particular intervals. You can check the comments and choose a few to reply to once or twice a day, so that you don’t become overwhelmed by the volume of comments. If you don’t have time to reply right away, perhaps you can earmark certain comments with your dApp so that you will remember to reply to them later. Additionally, you could have your dApp prompt you to like a select number of comments to ensure that your followers always feel seen and heard. And remember, in order to make followers feel valued, it is always best to emphasize quality over quantity. In order to maintain an engaging level of responsiveness and enjoy meaningful discourse with fans, make sure that you aren’t posting more content than you can realistically manage.

Blockchain technology is also a wonderful solution if you are concerned about your safety and privacy as a public personality. Suppose you are a social media influencer who has found it necessary to block a follower who is giving you too much attention, or attention of the wrong kind? It would be easy on a traditional social media platform for that fan to simply assume a new identity and to insinuate him or herself into your following all over again, but since identities are verified in the blockchain ecosystem, assuming a fraudulent identity would be substantially more difficult to do.

In the end, whatever your specific concerns and challenges as a content creator, the transparency of the blockchain and the flexibility decentralized applications will go a long way toward inspiring the confidence that breeds more meaningful and authentic relationships between you and your followers.

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