We have to be more agile

A dynamic shift is challenging the financial industry

Robert Lippert
Aug 28, 2015 · 2 min read

tl;dr; While becoming “more agile” might mimic someone else’s good solution, there might be a better way to benefit from the value of Agile.

In a recent interview in the german t3n magazine, FinTech experts discuss the future of the financial industry. It may be no surprise that it is challenged by a growing need for continuous innovation, especially in terms of advancing in the digital landscape.

While becoming “more agile” is an obvious step for software developers, the Agile Transformation is a risky step for the enterprise. The agile concept evokes a different culture that may just not be the best answer to your enterprise's business needs. Focus on what you are good at.

Currently, corporations are experimenting with different approaches to improve their agile momentum. They merge/absorb small and agile companies. And it may work for a few months, if at all. They outsource groups of agile experts into subsidiary companies. Which may work, if they manage to find them before they get absorbed again.

But as I mentioned in another story, you may not need to mimic agile culture just to benefit from its value for your core services. For some it’s a business model to deliver valuable financial services to their customers. For others it’s to develop software.

Just image they could team up for a project.

Coincidentally, I may suggest to reach out to the fine people of Mayflower — here you will find some best in class skills to benefit from software for your FinTech needs.

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