Why is software quality assurance important?

Have you ever thought about the long way the Software passes before appearing on our computers or smartphones? How do companies make sure that they provide a high-qualified, stable and totally safe product? All of this one can find out with the help of Quality Assurance (QA). This process is more complicated and more important than you have ever imagined.

What is QA?

According to the definition of TechTarget, QA establishes and maintains set requirements for developing or manufacturing reliable products. A quality assurance system is meant to increase customer confidence and a company’s credibility, while also improving work processes and efficiency, and it enables a company to better compete with others.

QA is a necessity because we all make mistakes. More often it is because of incomplete documentation or gaps in software architecture which lead to unexpected behavior of the product. Some of them can be insignificant, as well as others can be crucial! That’s why every product needs verification, quality assurance before it can be released and safely used.

Why do you need QA?

Very few people think of that any program passes through QA Engineers. Even a giant like Microsoft has 10 to 20 errors per 1,000 lines of raw code. And only through the effective work of QA Departments, users get a quality product.

Do you know that in 2016 Facebook paid $15,000 to close a bug that could unlock any user’s account? A security researcher named Anand Prakash stumbled on a major flaw in Facebook’s account security. The bug was the result of a change deployed to the beta page a few days earlier and doesn’t seem to have been widely exploited before it was discovered by Prakash. This experience is a vivid example of the importance of QA Services!

There are 6 reasons why QA brings value to the project and to the whole company as well.

1. It saves your money and time

If bugs and defects are found in the early stages of development, then you are lucky to spend less money and time to fix them. The investment in time and resources pays off many times. Let’s look at this graphic, which shows that rectifying bugs, not in time can lead to a dramatic increase of its cost over time.

The increase of the bug’s cost over time

2. Stable and Competitive Product

Surely everyone wants a successful product that runs consistently without crashing and works reliably, has no bugs and defects. QA processes and testing verify that the system meets the different requirements including, functional, performance, reliability, security, usability and so on. There are a lot of devices, browsers, and environments and the product should work properly in any of them.

It is important to notice that an excellent QA Team not only finds and fixes bugs, but their main purpose is to create continuous processes which allow preventing the recurrence of defects, and, as a consequence, improve the quality of future systems. And of course, high-qualified product means a competitive product in a market, doesn’t it?

3. Safety

When we create or develop something, we ask ourselves a simple question: is our product (it can be software, application, site, etc.) is secure, efficient and even trustworthy? Don’t forget, that for companies and for companies’ renown having a safe product is a must. You need to be certain that your software is not the source of the personal data breach and more importantly of the loss of your customers’ and users’ business data. QA guarantees you that.

4. Reputation

If you want your product to have users, customers or subscribers, and a lot of them, you MUST be sure that everything works properly before its release. If not, and the users notice that something works not in the way it should before you do, you are about to lose your reputation and brand trust.

Our QA Engineers work throughout the software development life cycle and apply different testing methodologies to make sure that your product will not receive bad reviews.

5. It helps meet clients’ demands and expectations most fully

QA makes sure that the end result meets the business and user requirements. It ensures the reliability of the application and satisfaction of the user and is a secret key to draw development of the business.

6. New suggestions and views on your project

Who can know the entire product better than one who examines thoroughly all its pitfalls? QA Experts always can add something useful and breathe life to your project.

What are the main QA Engineer responsibilities?

Having done some research throughout multiple job sites, we define the key duties which QA in charge of. Hopefully, it will help you to better understand the importance and specificity of QA Services. They are:

  • to test current products and identifying deficiencies
  • to suggest solutions to an identified product problem
  • to investigate product quality in order to make improvements to achieve better customer satisfaction
  • to plan, create and manage the overall Quality Planning strategy
  • to automate the testing processes (about this more detailed in further articles ;)
  • to collaborate with the Product Development team to ensure consistent project execution
  • to identify quality assurance process bottleneck and suggest actions for improvement
  • to oversee continuous improvement projects
  • to collect quality data
  • to identify key KPIs for product quality
  • to prepare and present reports and metrics to Senior Management

In this article we have defined what QA is, the main reasons why do you need QA Services and the key responsibilities of QA Engineers. Of course, it is not the full range of everything that QA can do and what profit it can bring. But the one thing is for sure that Quality Assurance is a significant part of any development because at least it prevents defects and reduces the cost of the whole development process.


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