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3 min readJan 10, 2018


Hive Project is the first blockchain based platform providing SMEs worldwide fast and low cost liquidity. With the intention of revolutionizing the way these companies are able to finance themselves they are serving as a broker between Business Owners and Factors, solving the trust issue in the business world and making access to liquidity for small business easier and faster.

We are proud to associate the FintruX name to a project that shares our values and plans to help regular people get the loans they desperately need, but cannot achieve through traditional financing.

The optimal collaboration is one where both sides are able to maximize their strengths and complement each other by exploiting business similarities and collaborating in the achievement of common objectives — with Hive, our lending ecosystem becomes even stronger.

This partnership will allows us to build bridges between our two concepts — we at FintruX can refer clients who are looking for AR Factoring to Hive Project and open the door to our European and Russian markets. Additionally, existing clients who require further financing can also be referred to Hive Project´s revolutionary platform. On the other hand, Hive Project is also able to refer their clients to FintruX without having to worry about any business overlap, as FintruX focuses exclusively on unsecured financing.

Another key component of our collaboration is the sharing of key financing data (defaults, late payments, etc) to gives creditors reliable information on borrower credit scores.

Our cooperation will be reinforced by the fact that the co-founder and CEO of Hive project, Jure Soklic, will be joining the FintruX team as an advisor. Jure is an executive and consultant with extensive experience in the global financial industry. He is an expert in eCommerce, digital marketing, omnichannel, retail, business development and start-ups, and has strong track record in the field of finance, consumer durables and marketplaces. As a true believer in a decentralized economy, he will work together with our team to serve the underserved.

For the FintruX Team, our partnership with Hive Project is an important step towards creating the global p2p lending ecosystem of the future.

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The FintruX Team

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