FTX Tokenomics: The Fuel Behind the FintruX Ecosystem

The FintruX Token has various properties that will enable borrowers, lenders and our service partners to thrive within our tokenized ecosystem. Here is the shortlist of 5 ways that FTX will provide its own stable economy and measurable benefits for all those involved.

1. Decreasing FTX Market Supply Over Time

As loans are issued on the FintruX Platform, a percentage of FTX will be required to pay the fees. This fee structure will contribute towards our revenue and part of this fee will automatically be locked up in a smart contract for the duration of the loan.

Within a certain time frame, the loan portfolio managed by FintruX will have increased by X, which means that even after the locked up tokens are released back into the market, there is an overall token deficit of X(Fees) — Fees. This causes the market supply of FTX to decrease over time and the value of the token to rise accordingly and this is directly tied to the success of our platform.

Ultimately, the FintruX Network has a self-regulating mechanism — even if FTX becomes more expensive, the amount of FTX required to secure a loan will automatically reduce. As a result, the market supply of the tokens remains reasonable regardless of how large FintruX becomes, and the price of securing a loan is unaffected.

2. Using FTX for Collateralizing Loans

FTX can also be used by borrowers to leverage a loan directly. This means that they will use FTX Assets as part of their collateral to secure a loan. The subsequent loan they receive is in any currency, but the FTX used to leverage the loan remains in a smart contract for the duration of the loan. This option is attractive for cryptocurrency investors seeking to acquire liquidity from their crypto assets.

We can consider this as our 5th level of cascading credit enhancements and use FTX tokens as collateral to borrow at an even lower rate.

Guarantors can also use FTX assets as collateral and receive a higher fee for their compensation package.

3. Unlocking Discounts on Partner Financial Services

Depending on the amount vested in the platform from the above, borrowers and guarantors can unlock discounts on partnered financial services; this generates interest and demand for our token as customers of those financial services will want to use the FintruX platform as a one-stop solution for obtaining financial services — even being able to rapidly deploy their just acquired loan for new services, such as buying insurance, making bill payments, hiring help, etc.

4. Rewarding Loyalty and Ensuring Happy Holders

We intend to make sure that the FintruX platform is sustainable in the long run. When the platform is up and running, we will distribute a loyalty bonus, in the form of tokens to FTX holders with platform referrals. This encourages growth of our platform.

5. Using FTX as a Form of Payment

Like many other cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, FTX can be used as an intermediary for fiat currencies to be transferred from lender to borrower and vice-versa. FTX can also be accepted by the borrower even when the borrowing is in fiat currency. As the FTX platform grows organically, the demand of FTX should gradually increase over time. Therefore as the FintruX platform grows, FTX tokens can be highly desirable by the lender for both principal and interest payment.

Borrowers can:

  • Borrow in FTX
  • Borrow in FIAT, intermediary in FTX (hold)
  • Make periodic payments in FTX

We hope that this will help our community gain a better understanding of how FintruX creates value for its tokenholders, and why FTX will be a highly valued asset in both the traditional and cryptocurrency markets in future. Make sure you read more about our project and visit our website at www.fintrux.com. If you have suggestions on how to improve FintruX, feel free to contact us on our Telegram channel.

About us: FintruX Network is the global P2P lending ecosystem powered by blockchain and no-code development. FintruX facilitates marketplace lending in a true peer-to-peer network to ease the cash-flow issues of SMEs that typically face challenges getting loan financing, such as startup companies.
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