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Jan 6, 2018 · 3 min read

Comprehensive guide for newbies here:

How to Get Whitelisted for our Sale:

To our supporters,

Our Public Token Sale will start on Feb 7th 2018 at 17:00 UTC at 5% bonus for early contributors.

Please make sure you follow the guidelines below for a safe, orderly, and successful sale:

- ALL Contributions will be done exclusively through of our official website and you must not trust any other website in order to avoid phishing scams;

- The FintruX Team will NEVER contact anyone directly requesting contributions;

- The FintruX Team will NEVER share an ETH Address other than on our official website;

- NO Bonus above 5% will be given at this stage;

- ONLY approved members will be able to view the smart contract address on

- Participants who are NOT whitelisted will not be able to participate

- Get whitelisted by following the steps here

- ALL Communications will only be done through our official channels:


Token Sale:






If you are unsure about any information, please double-check with our Community

Managers on Telegram to verify:

@FintruX_Team — Conrad (Co-Founder)
@ttwin83 — Alessandro
@beond — Beon
@CharlesRUK — Charles
@BF_Francis — Francis
@Majorinvest — Adam
@eIisabeth — Elizabeth
@BF_Serene — Serene
@rebexxa — Rebecca

FintruX Crowdsale Contribution Instructions:

  1. When sale starts at 17:00 UTC on the 7th of February, please visit and login to your pre-approved account;
  2. The verification of your account at should show as APPROVED and this means that your KYC has been successfully completed;
  3. Once you have confirmed that your account is approved, click on the token sale button on the top of the page;
  4. Click ‘Get FTX Now’ to be brought to the smart contract address;
  5. Follow instructions on how to contribute;
  6. Once your ETH has been sent and mined, you can check your balance — tokens will be sent 2 weeks after the crowdsale ends on Feb 28th. We will send an email to all confirmed participants at that time.


The FintruX Team

About us: FintruX Network is the global P2P lending ecosystem powered by blockchain and no-code development. FintruX facilitates marketplace lending in a true peer-to-peer network to ease the cash-flow issues of SMEs that typically face challenges getting loan financing, such as startup companies.

Find us on our: Website ; Twitter ; Facebook ; Reddit; LinkedIn

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FintruX Team

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FintruX Network

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