September In Review: Planning Ahead

Dear Community,

September has been a busy month for us with several interesting developments. We recently released a blog discussing our strategic plans in re-defining our current business model. We have also had some impressive media mentions, informative articles on fintech regulation, a new addition to our legal team and several strong rounds of discussions with potential partners.

Here’s a quick glance of what September had to offer:

Progress Update

Regulation in Fintech

  • In our №12 Tuesday Team Talks, our Co-Founder and CMO, Conrad Lin, shared his experience in navigating the regulatory complexities that challenge fintech businesses.
  • Conrad gave some thought provoking insight on the regulatory issues surrounding the P2P lending marketplace, and he outlined the challenges that an aspiring lending company could face when thinking about scaling globally.
  • In our №14 Tuesday Team Talks, we outlined the current crisis plaguing the P2P lending market in China and the reasons behind it.
  • This blog highlighted the need for clear regulatory stances in this new age of innovative financial technologies and gives important insight on how to distinguish true P2P lending platforms, that are fully transparent and where the decision making is in the hands of the users.

Educational Article

  • Our №13 Tuesday Team Talks, shared information on the role of identity verification in lending, its necessity, and how KYC processes can be implemented.
  • The blog also featured a brief Q&A with Dan Poh, FintruX Network’s Compliance Advisor and Co-Founder of Traceto

Business Updates

  • In our №15 Tuesday Team Talks, we discussed the developments that have taken place over the last few months and elaborated on decisions that have been made along the way.
  • The blog also outlined how we approached the challenges from a strategic perspective to present an updated roadmap and whitepaper in line with our vision to offer the most feature-rich, innovative true P2P platform the world has seen.
  • We also announced the USA Pilot scheduled for the end of Q4 which will play a direct role in launching our US operations.
  • To accomplish our goals and accelerate our efforts in the US market, we welcomed Marc Frohman Esq. to our legal team. Marc is a business-oriented and outcome-driven former Fortune 700 General Counsel/Corporate Secretary, with 20+ years of broad-based experience in public and private global companies.

Media Mentions

  • Popular online American financial news portal, The Street, recently got in touch with Conrad Lin for his thoughts on CitiGroup Analyst, Josh Levin’s statement on treating cryptocurrency and blockchain predictions with ‘healthy skepticism’.


  • Our Founder and CEO, Nelson Lin, was invited to participate at the prestigious annual CFLA Conference 2018 in Montreal on Sep 26 and 27.
  • Nelson has been an esteemed guest at the CFLA for over a decade and is valued for his knowledge and expertise of the financing industry in Canada.
  • Nelson had the opportunity to meet up with several of his clients from the securitization sector, and also met with many potential partners for the USA pilot project.

Looking Ahead

  • Watch out for news on interesting partnerships that are currently in the pipeline.
  • The FintruX Network team is getting geared up to participate at the Singapore Fintech Festival which will take place in November 12- 16.
  • We announced in our №14 Tuesday Team Talks that our Tuesday Team Talks series, which are primarily community focused, will be now scheduled bi-weekly on weeks 2 and 4 of every month, and we’re spending the extra time to put together informative newsletters for growing SMEs and lenders who will be eventually joining our platform which can be subscribed to via our website in a few weeks.

The FintruX Network is happy to share our monthly update with our community. The team at FintruX Network continues to work towards meeting milestones and reaping the rewards of a well-defined business strategy to achieve our goal of being the first-ever ‘True P2P lending ecosystem’.

Yours Truly,

The FintruX Team

About us: FintruX Network is the true P2P lending ecosystem built on the blockchain, powered by credit enhancements and no-code generation. The platform makes it easy for borrowers to connect with reputable lenders and servicing agencies, save money with competitive interest rates, and get an affordable loan within minutes in a fair and transparent process without collateral.
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