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The Value of FintruX Network to SMEs and Investors

Dear Community,

The FintruX Network vision is to create an open ecosystem to serve the underserved, and what better place to start than with growing small and medium sized businesses. Our team strongly believes that the key success factors of alternative financing is based on trust, reduced risk, and efficiency.

Keeping these core principles in mind, FintruX Network is building a lending marketplace that provides value to SMEs and investors that is not currently attainable in traditional markets. In this blog, we discuss how FintruX brings these core principles into practice.

What is marketplace lending?

Marketplace lending occurs when individuals and businesses transact their loans directly together. A platform can be involved to connect the parties and manage the logistics. For more information on what marketplace lending is, and it’s benefits, read our previous blog here.

How do we do things differently?

At Fintrux Network, we are connecting not just borrowers and lenders, but also third-party service agencies. We facilitate marketplace lending to provide unsecured loans to small & medium businesses (SMEs) as well as to young aspiring companies. We ensure that our platform instills trust, reduces risk, and is highly efficient in order to be a successful ecosystem.

Benefits for Borrowers

Access to Affordable Credit
Our innovative marketplace model, online delivery, process automation, and credit enhancements enables lenders to offer borrowers interest rates that are generally lower on average than the rates charged by other unsecured P2P lending platforms and traditional banks, not to mention credit cards.

Transparency and Fairness
Each customer contract is written as a fully-customized smart contract on a blockchain. It is secure, transparent, immutable, and censorship resilient. Historical data and expected obligations are at the borrower’s fingertips.

Super-Fast and Efficient Funding
We leverage online data and intelligent technology to instantly match risk, credit rating and any unique parameters pre-determined by lenders in decision tables to offer appropriate interest rates. Borrowers can evaluate options and are instantly matched to lenders of their choice without impacting their credit score.

Benefits for Investors

Access to Risk-Reduced Investing
Credit enhancements historically only available to securitization funding of large portfolios is now available to lenders on FintruX Network. By applying cascading credit enhancements, FintruX Network seeks to neutralize the lender’s credit risk and, in the case of a default, provide an insurance to cover the loss.

Attractive Returns
By having access to lower risk of funding and cutting major costs associated with administering the financing, these savings become additional profit margins. Once their decision tables are chosen and configured, this automated money machine can generate revenue while the lenders spend time with their families.

Superior Lending Experience
We offer a fully automated application process and provide lenders with access to live support and online tools throughout the process and for the lifetime of the financing. Our goal is to form long-term relationships with lenders, facilitating their relatively risk-free offerings to their borrowers.

While the concept of marketplace lending has been around for a few years now, our model provides additional value to our clients with transparency, efficiency, and risk reduction in small business financing. This is realized by our credit enhancements, no-code development, and open ecosystem that unlocks funding for small businesses that need it the most and improves global financial inclusivity.

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The FintruX team

This article is intended to be for general information only and does not in any way constitute professional or financial advice. Interacting in marketplace lending services carries a certain level of risk that may not be suitable for some. Consider your investment objectives, level of experience, financial resources and other relevant circumstances carefully.

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About us: FintruX Network is the global P2P lending ecosystem powered by blockchain and no-code development. FintruX facilitates marketplace lending in a true peer-to-peer network to ease the cash-flow issues of SMEs that typically face challenges getting loan financing, such as startup companies.
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