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New Office: FintruX Network Headquarters

FintruX Team
May 14, 2019 · 3 min read
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Dear Community,

We are pleased to officially announce our move into our new office address at ARC 380, 380 Jalan Besar, Singapore 209000 on 23rd April, 2019.

We are now officially part of the WeWork Member Network — a collaborative work environment in major cities across the world. This gives our international team unfettered access to coworking spaces as we expand our operations globally. In the process, we will be connected to the relevant global business networks and we look forward to greater synergies with a huge collaborative business community.

To celebrate our journey, we brought together key partners, clients and supporters to align our long-term vision and mission. We are positioned to deliver smart solutions to the business networks of our existing stakeholders and we have established quality businesses to test new product features (Smart Network and Smart Marketplace) in May to accelerate adoption of smart credits. As always, we will continue to facilitate the exchange of insights and information between our existing stakeholders, as part of a long and fruitful journey to shared success.

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While our operations are going full steam ahead, our global team expansion has not taken the back seat. Over the past few months, we have interacted with over 100 job candidates, some of whom had the opportunity to visit us at our new office for an interview. All of them showed a high degree of commonality in their strong belief towards the FintruX vision. While we always maintain a capable team globally, we are always on the lookout for top individuals as we expand our global operations. Current job openings are listed on our website and we always welcome any referrals from within our community.

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We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated community of supporters and community advisors for all the valuable feedback that have been shared within the community all this while. We will continue to foster a community spirit that will empower businesses globally.

Our Co-Founder and COO, Conrad Lin, will be live on-air with Howie Lim from Money FM 89.3, Singapore’s first and only Business and Finance station. Tune in here on 26th April, 9:00am SGT to hear the live interview!

Stay tuned for a live YouTube AMA with the team which will be held in our new office on 30th April. Send in your questions with #FTXAMA on our Telegram chat @FintruX. Watch out for further updates on our social media.

Yours Truly,
The FintruX Team

About us:

FintruX Network innovates smart solutions for underserved startups and SMEs. We aim to be the one-stop resource and solution provider for business growth and sustainability.

FintruX Network is comprised of a dynamic team of skilled professionals. Our technology is supported by Robocoder Corporation, which has over 20 years of enterprise software development experience.

TruX — the world’s first Smart Business Financing Platform, empowers businesses to establish global credit reputation, increase purchasing power, negotiate credit terms and transact via smart credits.

Find us on our: Website; Twitter; Facebook; Reddit; LinkedIn; Instagram

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FintruX Network

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