Tuesday Team Talks №4

FintruX Partners with Hiway

Dear Community,

In the fourth installment of our weekly Tuesday Team Talk series, FintruX Network is excited to announce that we have now partnered with Hiway — a new startup that takes advantage of blockchain technology to revolutionize the freelance marketplace industry. In this partnership, Hiway will accelerate our hiring process to find the right team members aligned with our vision. Additionally, they can provide access to a growing list of startups and SMEs to be potential borrowers on FintruX Network.

We believe that aptitude and attitude of the team members is the key for an organization to succeed. FintruX strives to build a team of talented individuals passionate about our mission to serve the underserved. Hiring is time-consuming, complicated, and a costly activity that any organization will necessarily have to invest in. Having an easy-to-use platform that can find the right match using big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence will go a long way in increasing efficiency for the organization.

Our Co-Founder and CMO, Conrad met Simon Rikmenspoel (Founder of Hiway), at Consensus 2018 in New York, where we learned that he was actually a long time supporter of FintruX.

We asked Simon to tell us more about his latest venture and his ambitions for the blockchain industry:

Q: How is Hiway different from other recruitment solutions?

We think our power lies in the fact that we focus on the blockchain industry. We are using the technology within blockchain and applying it to what a modern day marketplace should look like- revolutionary if you ask us! If you look at the current blockchain industry you’ll find no real mediums, no real companies who help blockchain projects or companies find the blockchain skilled talent they are looking for. They ask their community or look through traditional recruitment agencies but we feel this industry is ready for a shake up.
If you look at the current traditional marketplace you’ll find no focus on blockchain technology what so ever and you’ll see people pay around 25% in fees for being connected. We believe this is preposterous and it’s one of the first things we are addressing. If you also look at competitors in the blockchain space you’ll find a few companies who don’t take the job at hand as serious as we think they should. A lot of companies are aiming for gamification of work, however, we want a serious partner in finding the right talent and not a company who treats it like some spiel.

Q: How do you see a platform like Hiway contributing to an organization like FintruX?

I believe we share the same ambitions as Fintrux does, growing and becoming a go-to solution for the problem we both recognise. If Fintrux can execute their vision, something we don’t at all doubt, this company will grow exponentially. It is in this process that we hope to be their partner for facilitating growth. We hope Fintrux will use our platform to ensure every new open position at the company is being filled efficiently. It is like a snowball effect- efficient employment and finding the right people to help expand our platforms and further improve our vision.

Q: What are your current expansion plans?

Well as we speak we’re in the middle of our funding, we hope to deliver and be punctual with our roadmap and the appropriate funding is the perfect start. In a couple of months you’ll find our prototype online and hopefully thereafter we will be up and running with the real deal! We will be working hard to get as many blockchain focused companies on our platform along the way, building the go-to place where people can come together who are ready to work or need that one job to be done.

As the Hiway platform goes live, we hope to take full advantage of their platform to find the right talent for our business. We believe this to be the start of a wonderful association.

For more information on the Hiway platform, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Telegram.

Yours Truly,

The FintruX Team

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