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Money is needed by all people, the statement does not require proof. However, there are situations when money is needed immediately, but not everyone who needs it can turn to the vank. The reasons are different: from the absence of a bank in principle, in the place of residence, to the reluctance to pay high interest rates or the inability to obtain funds due to the already existing bad credit history.

In such situations, a person comes to the aid of an alternative method of borrowing — P2P lending.

And FinWhaleX is such a credit platform that provides access to credit anywhere.

Bringing together the private interests of the lender and the borrower, we have favorable conditions for those who want to get a loan, because the requirements of creditors to borrowers on our platform are less strict, and the period of time to get a loan is shorter.

And most importantly, the borrower will be able to get the necessary amount with or without collateral, and the lender to understand how beneficial the transaction is. More than 14,000 users have already appreciated the benefits of our platform!

Loans with collateral

The collateral is highly liquid assets. This can be: cryptocurrency, tokens, other digital assets, and as the development of our platform and the increase in the partner network, we will take as collateral: jewelry, cars, gaming equipment, real estate and more.

How does it work? Everything is transparent and simple: the borrower’s asset is “frozen” and becomes a guarantee of repayment of the loan. After repayment of the debt, the platform returns the collateral to the borrower, and the interest for the use of funds will be transferred to the lender.

Loan without collateral

With unsecured lending, the borrower can demonstrate his integrity and reliability through credit history and his risk profile.

Due to the fact that we use products based on FinWhaleX scoring system, we can analyze information about a potential borrower based on various sources: payment discipline, information from social networks, etc.

Thus, it becomes possible to borrow without collateral for individuals and legal entities, and creditors have the opportunity to assess the risks of financing the borrower on the basis of a unique scoring assigned to him by the platform.

This solution allows users of FinWhaleX platform to be credited on terms corresponding to their risk profile and credit history.

As you can see, our platform offers a more convenient way to get a loan, while unlike banks, there are at least two options for obtaining financial funds: with or without collateral.

In addition, for the safety and convenience of its customers — FinWhaleX maintains a credit history of users, calculates their risk profiles, monitors the current status of loans issued, provides information support to the parties, notifying users of the lack of collateral, and, if necessary, implements a pledge to cover costs.

The main goal of FinWhaleX is to provide people with easy and quick access to financial instruments and markets.

Simplify and speed up the lending procedure anywhere and at any time. And we successfully cope with it!


FinWhaleX P2P crypto-fiat credit platform


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FinWhaleX is a P2P credit platform that provides access to loans anywhere and at any time based on blockchain technology, machine learning and Big Data.


FinWhaleX P2P crypto-fiat credit platform

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