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Report 23.09–01.10

Hello, dear Friends!

In September, tangible changes took place on our platform. Our developers worked hard to bring the functionality of our platform to a new level. Among the changes it is worth noting the following:


1. Introduced statuses for Steam Assets from 1 to 6.

2. Automatic reception and verification of the status of temporary hold (display in the admin panel of skins that are held by the Steam platform).

3. Automatic withdrawal using tradeURL:

- display in the interface of information in case of successful / unsuccessful creation of an automatic exchange offer;

- a mechanism in the admin panel for manually creating an exchange offer;

4. Added the ability to display Steam assets in batches, and not one at a time.

5. Added notification of the expiration of the document (3, 10, 30 days) for verified users.

TalkBank integration:

1. Adding to the data model the missing properties for identification.

2. Changing requests: user_changeInfo, user_getInfo, user_uploadDocuments, registration.

3. The operation “user registration and card issuance” has been added. Architectural changes:

4. Switching the platform in cluster mode.

5. The transition to using the Agenda library to work with job queues.

Mobile app:

1. Added the possibility of regular / early repayment of the loan.

2. Reworked requests for accepting transactions from other participants.

3. Reworked logic to enter the application. Logging in is faster.

4. Added functionality Password recovery. Improvements and optimization:

5. Work was done to optimize the admin panel code (speeding up loading, using only the necessary libraries in the code, mode of working with routes).

6. Code optimization in the documents block (User profile — divided into separate components) and added functionality for working with TalkBank.

7. A new letter template sent to the user from the site.

8. A FWX token has been added to the wallet.

9. The output of the page with “Error 404” with the wrong route. Error correction:

10. Documents over 5 mb were not loaded. After converting the image to base64, the image size is increased by 25%. Increased the limit on the size of downloaded files to 10 mb.

11. An exception was not processed when receiving courses with CoinMarketCap. The response to the request was correct, the data array in the response was correct, but the BTC course (the rest is correct) comes as an empty string.

12. The script for sending notifications 3, 1 days before the loan expiration has been fixed. Rounding whole days was up, you need to less.

13. Fixed errors in obtaining the initial data at the entrance, with a loggerhead.

Added a reason for automatic cancellation in the history of operations. Talkbank integration:

Setting up work through the queue server queue.

Testing requests. In the admin panel:

- changed the output of information in the Steam Asset list (price on an external site, price on FinWhaleX in USD)

- Added collection of information in the database for the description of Steam assets (work is still ongoing to add info on the front)

- added an automatic check after displaying the skins for the status of whether the user accepted the offer on the Steam account; Errors were fixed when depositing skins, calculating the btc + eth deposit, displaying tokens.

Minor edits:

- when opening a credit card (detail) at the time of loading, do not show that the last visit to 1970;

- at the first entrance to the platform and at the time of loading data with credits at this place, correct the layout (the picture comes out from below);

- when downloading news (go to the corresponding menu item) show the preloader;

- when loading the operation history, show the preloader; Tuning, DBMS optimization.

The solution to the issue related to slow request / responses.

We are happy to share our achievements and successes with you! Every day we strive to improve the platform for our dear users.




FinWhaleX P2P crypto-fiat credit platform

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