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Artificial intelligence will bring great potential for humanity in the future and, of course, it will also bring risks to humanity in some aspects. Although experts in this field are still in their infancy, they predict that AI will significantly advance social development in 2020. Artificial intelligence trends are predicted to revolutionize human living standards too much further extends.

According to a Forbes source, areas of technology such as blockchain, AI automation, machine learning, business content management, AI background, the quantum computer AI applications, traditional Internet of things, healthcare and more, will come from AI. The application brings a qualitative leap. Let us discuss 7 AI trends in 2020.

7 Significant AI trends in 2020

According to sources like The Next Web and Forbes, the seven most important AI trends in 2020 include:

  1. Computer graphics

One of the trends that will be noticed in artificial intelligence trends 2020 will be a success in the use of AI in computer graphics. This is especially true of more realistic effects, such as creating high-precision environments, vehicles, and characters in films and games.

Reproduction of a realistic metal copy, the matte sheen of a tree, or the grape skin on the screen usually takes a long time. This often requires a lot of experience and patience for human artists.

Various researchers are already developing new methods that will help AI grow significantly. Take NVIDIA, which has been in business for several years.

They are using artificial intelligence to improve features like ray tracing and rasterization and to create a cheaper and faster way to render hyper-realistic graphics in PC games.

Other Viennese researchers are also exploring ways to partially or completely automate the process under artist supervision. Use neural networks and machine learning to get suggestions from creators and generate sample images for approval.

2. Deep simulation (Deepfake)

Deepfakes is another area that has made huge progress in the past few years. In 2019 there were many adorable humorous scams that spread widely on many social media platforms.

However, over time, this technology will only become more sophisticated. This opens the door to some disturbing consequences that can damage or destroy people’s real-world reputation.

How can we know whether they are counterfeit products in the future as it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish deep counterfeits from real recordings? This is vital, as advanced products can be easily used to spread false political information, undermine businesses, and even engage in cyberbullying.

Google and Facebook are trying to solve this problem by publishing thousands of fake videos to teach AI how to recognize them, and it seems sad.

3. Predictive text

Predictive text has existed for a while, but if we overload it with artificial intelligence, we can get to the point where artificial intelligence first knows what you want to write. For example, text that includes smart email has been tested on products like Gmail.

If used correctly, this can help users write much faster. Of course, even if AI correctly predicts your intentions, many people always write a complete sentence.

4. Morality should become more important over time

As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, developers need to pay attention to their work ethic. AI Ethics is a subcategory of Ethological Techniques which defines how AI developers should design, use, and “process” their creations.

It also defines or hopes how AI should act ethically. The goal, called “robot ethics”, is to prevent damage to robots and artificial intelligence.

The first works in this field have been defined by the great Isaac Asimov and his “Three laws of robotics” and have received a lot of attention in recent years. Many people believe that it may be time to legally codify many concepts before developing truly advanced AI.

5. Quantum computing improves AI

Another AI trend in 2020 to watch out is advances in quantum computing and artificial intelligence. Quantum computing is expected to revolutionize many aspects of IT and improve AI in the future.

The goal is to significantly increase the speed and efficiency with which we generate, store and analyze large amounts of data. It offers great potential for big data, machine learning and the recognition of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and humans should be of great benefit if they could dramatically increase the speed of validation and understanding of huge data sets and even trigger a new industrial revolution.

6. Advanced Facial recognition Systems

Facial recognition is increasingly used in our lives today. Artificial intelligence is increasingly used to recognize faces and track people’s positions. Some of the proposed solutions can even help you identify them by analyzing your pace and heart rate: AI-based surveillance has been performed in many airports around the world and is increasingly used by law enforcement. Face-based payment systems are emerging in developed countries and can now buy what they want without a wallet or cell phone.

7. Artificial intelligence helps optimize production channels

The robot manufacturing facility in “Star Wars Episode II: The Clone Wars” may not come from a distant galaxy. A fully automated production line with AI will soon be available.

While we are not yet in place, as I said, artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to optimize production. This is intended to reduce organizational investment costs, improve quality, and reduce energy consumption.

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