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Benefits of Chatbots in Customer Service

Every single person now knows that chatbot helps you in proving better customer service. However, most people are unaware of the various ways chatbot can be helpful. That is why we will see the top benefits of chatbots in customer service. This is not industry-specific. So, no matter what in which industry your business falls in, you will get these benefits.

Lighting Speed Support

What you mean by “fast support”? If you are using email support (ticket system), it might mean less than 12 hours. If you are using live chat, it means less than 2 minutes. However, if you are using a chatbot, the answer will be in a couple of seconds or we should say a fraction of seconds.

Therefore, lightning-fast support is one of the biggest benefits of chatbots in customer service. Sometimes, the chatbot might need a bit more digging. However, the initial response by the chatbot will make the customer feel better. Also, if it takes more time to find the solution, the chatbot can reply with a follow-up.

24/7/365 Support

Humans need to sleep. They can’t be online for 24 hours. Along with the weekend leave, there are holidays where there will be no support members available to chat. Chatbots can work anytime. Whether it is 3 AM in the night or it’s new year’s eve, a chatbot will be there to answer the query of your customers. The chatbot doesn’t even take lunch breaks.

So, you can give proper leave to your employees and maintain a work-life balance while chatbot will handle your customer service. This is very beneficial if you have worldwide customers. Due to the time difference, it won’t be possible to answer all the questions anytime. That’s why should use chatbots. You can easily argue here saying “We can hire more support team instead of chatbot”. Well, that brings us to the next point.


Hiring people will be helpful as they can reply to the person anytime. If you hire people in 2 shifts (day and night), you can provide 24/7 support. However, is it cost-effective? Human work costs a lot of money. It is necessary to maintain the money and cash flow when you are running a business.

Chatbots are way more cost-effective than human work. A chatbot is more beneficial than human support and along with this, it is cost-effective. So, the answer is pretty clear on which is better. Still, confused? Let’s take one more example. During holidays or festive season, you will have to overpay the employees for extra work. However, you don’t need to pay anything extra for the chatbot. So, that’s another advantage of using a chatbot.

Morale and Professional Answer

Humans have a lot of emotions including anger and frustration. If people keep asking the same question, again and again, you will see the change in the answers. It doesn’t matter how professional the human is, there will always be emotions included.

When you are running a business, there will be angry customers too. A human representative will also get angry when the customer talks rudely. Even if they reply nicely, they will not like working for the job. If this continues, they will leave the company sooner or later. Better get a chatbot which doesn’t have any emotions. They will reply in a professional and positive tone even if the customer is rude or angry towards them.

Multi-Language Support

Remember, we talked about how you have timezone benefits for international customers? Here is the next benefit that you will get. With a chatbot, you can have multi-language support. If you have customers from specific locations where they don’t speak English, you can have regional language support as well. The chatbot will do the work for you and you don’t need to look for the person who needs it.

That’s one of the benefits of chatbots in customer service. If you have a website in multi-language, you can have a different chatbot for different languages. Alternatively, you can even ask users to choose the language before they continue. Either way, you can give them multi-language support.

Better Retention

Customer service will decide whether the customer will buy from you again or not. The chatbot can help you in increasing sales by providing better customer support and service. Compared to humans, chatbots are more accurate and answers with a specific solution. This will increase customer satisfaction. As a result, the retention rate will also increase. Therefore, one of the benefits of chatbots in customer service also includes a better retention rate.

You can have Still had Human Representative

Well, if you still don’t trust the chatbot, you can still have a human representative along with the chatbot.

Think of it like this, let’s say you run an eCommerce website. Here, mostly the support will be related to the product description, refund, and delivery/shipping. You can feed all these data to the chatbot and it will answer all these basic or common questions.

It will be frustrating to tell the same refund/shipping policy to the users for the 76th time. So, you can have the chatbot do that work. If the chatbot is not able to solve the issue, you can have a human representative to take over.

You will still get all the benefits of chatbot and the customers will feel overwhelmed when they can also have human support. So, it’s beneficial for both (Customer and you). Therefore, this is also an option that you can keep.

Final Words

Along with these benefits of chatbots in customer service, there are a lot more. It’s not just limited to the customer service, you can have chatbots for sales and billing too. Further, there are many other benefits of chatbot in customer service as well as at many more places.

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