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Digital transformation in banking is at its peak right now. People especially youngsters want to have all the core banking facilities online. Traditional banking is now fading away. People don’t want to wait in a long queue to get the turn. Neither likes to go to the physical bank to get something done. Instead, people want the facility to it right from their mobile phone. This will increase the speed of the banking and it’s the need of the hour. Let’s learn more about it.

What is Digital transformation in banking?

When it comes to digital banking transformation, the core idea is to move all the major financial services online. The banking industry is huge and it’s one of the core things that [eople will require. There are a lot of banking operations that can be easily done online.

Most of the banks and NBFCs have already moved to digital channels and started their transformation journeys.

Digital transformation in banking will move traditional banking to online banking. This could also allow the customers to transfer the payments online, check the account balance, and also use the new products online in the financial sector.

However, it’s not just limited to this. The plan is to use machine learning and artificial intelligence in the banking sector to increase the customer experience and revenue of the banks. This will allow the banks to determine what their customers want. Also, this will provide better financial services to the customer.

Newer technology allows the financial institution to provide the best service possible to the customers. It will also increase customer retention and will allow financial companies to sell more services. Let’s see more about the strategy and what are the things they can do.

Transformation Strategy

We will now have a look at what are digital transformations banks or financial institutions can do.

Core Banking Operations

Nobody likes to go to the traditional banks to get the statement or to transfer the money. Therefore, the first thing that you need to focus on will include the core banking operations. One should focus on moving all the types of payment methods online and should allow the customers to make the payments online in any way possible.

Extra Services

You can always include the extra services in the digital transformation. This will include financial services such as loans, credit cards, credit score checking, etc. All these services should be moved online. If the financial institutions also provide the service to invest money online, it should be made online.

Here, we can include fixed deposits or invest in funds. All these should be included here.

Customer Service

The banking sector has a lot of customer service that can be included. IT systems are capable of handling a lot of people at once. Therefore, you can have an AI-powered chatbot that can answer all the questions related to banking. This will improve the customer journeys and will ensure that they are getting better service.

Fraud detection and Emergency services

This is one of the key reasons why the transformations required have become a mandatory thing for the banks. There are a lot of frauds and scams going on. Implementing proper security mechanisms that can decrease fraud will be the best service you can provide. Your customers will have peace of mind when their hard-earned money is saved in a secure online bank.

In the same way, if a customer is a victim of a scam, they should be provided the service at the earliest. There should be proper services for the same.

Data Management and Analysis

You will also need proper data management and analysis. Machine learning is the concept that is capable of learning from the data. If there is enough data given to it, it can automatically learn and improve. Hence, you will have to set up proper data management techniques.

It will allow you to identify your customers and find new opportunities in digital banking transformation that you can implement. In the end, it will help you in increasing the revenue as well as it will help you in providing better customer service.

You can also allow the customers to see their spend analysis and allow them to get the complete data of their account. With this, they will be able to control their spends as well.

Personalized Offering

When you have AI-powered IT systems, you can always provide personalized services to the customers. You don’t need to do the guesswork, you can use the data to analyze the spending of the customers and then make the choice depending on where they are spending.

This allows you to present the service in a very unique and personalized form. For example, you can suggest to them the best credit card depending on where they are spending their money.

Final Words

To conclude, these are few things that you need to keep in mind when you plan to do a complete digital banking transformation. Digital transformation in banking has become a mandatory thing as people want to use all the services at any point in time. Online banking is the only option that you can use. You can contact Finwin tech for a complete digital transformation in banking.


What are the 4 main areas of digital transformation?

The four areas include process transformation, domain transformation, business model transformation, and cultural transformation.

What is digital transformation in banking?

Digital transformation in banking is the process of moving all the operations of transitional banking to online booking using digital channels.

Which factors influence the digital transformation in banking?

Many factors influence digital banking transformation. It can be as simple as online shopping and as the digital era is coming, people want to use the service online.

Which technologies can contribute to the digital transformation in the banking industry?

AI, machine learning, and blockchain are some major technologies that can contribute to the banking industry.,

What advantages and disadvantages of digitization are in banking?

Advantages include better customer experience, cost-effective, and innovative solutions whereas disadvantages are privacy and security.



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