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Flutter technology has become a lot more popular in recent times because of many reasons. Flutter is the new technology that uses the Dart language to create cross platforms apps. One can use it for android, IOS, web apps, and now they can even use it for desktop apps.

This makes it an ultimate way of using it. For creating the best apps people have been learning Flutter and companies are leveraging the Flutter development companies. When the company uses Flutter, it can create various apps for all the platforms at the same time.

As a result, people are preferring Flutter over any other. For various platforms can be available the app with a Flutter at a good speed.

Overview of Flutter

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit that you can use to create the best cross platforms app. Flutter apps can be sued for various things.

It’s created by Google. The Flutter is used not only for creating android apps, Windows app, macOS apps, Google Fuchsia apps but for web apps. Therefore, it’s a single code base you can use for all the OS/platforms. You can start using the application framework.

Please note that the Flutter is the name of the technology and not the language. It uses Dart language. The front end and the back end are developed in the Dart. Therefore, the framework will make your work a lot easier.

There are various IDEs you can use here to develop the apps on Flutter.

Lets take a look at Flutter from all sides and see what are the benefits of using it and why you should be using Flutter to develop the apps.

The Desktop App Support

Flutter recently rolled out better support for desktop apps.

One might think that the apps will be available for Windows OS. However, it’s not so.

All the desktop apps can be built here.

You can even start building the apps for Linux, Google OS, Windows and Mac.

Here, you don’t need to write another code again. You can simply start using the same code and compile it for various apps.

Of course, you might need a different IDE to compile the apps and build the final version of the apps for different OS. However, you don’t need to write a different code for the same.

This makes your work a lot easier.

Why there are fewer people using Flutter for Desktop?

You might have noticed that there aren’t many people who are using Flutter to create desktop apps, why is it so?

There are two main reasons for this.

  • There wasn’t complete support for the desktop apps.
  • The developers are very few and the community is small.

The first reason the support. There was less support. However, now the support for desktop apps has increased a lot. You can easily release a stable version of the app.

The next thing is about the community and lack of the developers. This will depend on where you are searching. FinWin Tech already has a bunch of experienced flutter developers who can create the best apps for you. Creating the best apps here is never hard.

That’s why creating the best apps is used Flutter.

The Future of Flutter

Now, let’s talk about the future of the flutter.

At first, you need to understand that it’s created by Google. Unlike other frameworks and languages, it’s not a decade-old language. The language is pretty new and the amount of popularity it has got in a few years is enormous. People are already living Flutter for the features and the UI.

The fact that you can use the app at all places makes it more popular. This is why the popularity is growing. It’s just the start. The community is making the Flutter framework more stable and more developers are learning Flutter.

When this will increase as time passes and people start to learn about Flutter. As time goes, the Flutter framework will also become more stable. As a result, there will be more support for this.

There is one more question that people have in their mind regarding the Flutter and desktop apps. Let’s answer that.

Should you use Flutter for Desktop Apps?

This is a very common question that people have in mind regarding the Flutter framework and desktop apps.

There will be many mixed answers here. We will look at the negative side first. The first negative side was that there wasn’t proper support for that. However, now the support is good enough to launch your app. The app-based on the Flutter you can have, therefore. The support won’t be an issue here.

Other than support, there were few points that you need to understand. Once you find the best company that can develop the Flutter app, most of the negative parts are gone.

Now, you just need to look at the positive side of the Flutter. There are thousands of advantages you will get when you start using Flutter. The performance is great, the UI is truly incredible, and you will get many other features.

You can save a lot of money here, using the same code for all the purposes. It will surely cost you less to develop the app and launch it. You can develop a Flutter Desktop app it at a very affordable price. The apps built on Flutter will load much faster. You can surely have multiple apps of the same kind. Therefore, it will make your work easier.

Final Words

To conclude, these were all the things that you need to know about Flutter and desktop apps. So, you can surely develop desktop apps on Flutter.

If you are looking to have Flutter apps developed by our team, Finwin Tech is here to help. To see how we can help you with your Flutter requirement, contact us today. Our team member will contact you as soon as you fill-up the form.



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