Mobile Development Team or Single Developer, what is the best choice?

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Want to develop a mobile app? You can either go with a single developer that develops the entire app for you or you can always go with the team who will take different modules and develop the entire app for you.

The question is which is the best way to develop the app? Which one is the best choice? We will see the same thing here. For that, we will consider multiple factors and then give the best solution for this. Instead of seeing a single factor, we will look at it from all the ways.

Let’s start with the main things first.

Quality of the App

If you talk about the main thing, you need to ensure that you are getting the best quality here. If you don’t have the best quality of the app, you will lose many app users.

Therefore, you need to focus on the overall quality of the app. Here, the quality can mean a lot of things. It can be the performance issue that you are taking into consideration or it can also be any other thing such as the code quality or the user interface.

Either way, the quality of the app developed by a team will always be better as compared to the one developed by a single person. You can always expect better quality here.

Therefore, the clear winner here is the team.

Modules Development

Let me explain this. When you hire a single developer to do the entire process for you, he or she will simply start developing all the modules and then submit the app to you.

However, if you give the same thing to a team. They will first divide the modules among each other. Each module is developed by a separate team. When a dedicated person or a small team of people will work on a single module, it will surely be more powerful.

Let me share an example now. If you want to develop a music app, there will be a different person who will responsible for the UI, a different person for the sound quality and controls, etc. In the end, you will get the best results as separate people are working on a solution.

They have enough time to work on the module.

Time Management

Whatever you do, in the end, the single developer will only have 24 hours of the day. Even if the developer is working 16 hours a day, there is limited time he or she has. On the other hand, the team has a good number of people. If 5 people are working on the same team, even if they work for just 8 hours a day, you will get the final project in less time.

Further, you can ensure that the quality of the app will be perfect. Studies have already proven that f you have enough resting time; your mind will work powerfully.

With this, you can always ensure that the time taken for the project is less. The game starts when there are bugs or errors. This brings us to the next point.

Bugs and Errors

The probability of bugs and errors will surely decrease when there is an entire team working on a specific project. However, we can’t say that there will be no errors or bugs. There might be some errors and bugs.

What we can assure is that the team will be able to solve it faster. At first, the team can find out which module has the error. When the team leader gets that module, they will pass it on to the developer.

Here, a single developer has made the entire module. That’s the only module he or she has made. Therefore, it will surely be easier for the developer to solve that bug or error. When they know the flow in a better way, it will become easier to solve the issues.

In the end, they can easily solve the issue and you will get the clean app without any errors or bugs.

Scalability and Upgrade

You can’t deny the fact that you will eventually need the upgrade or might want to scale it. The team will follow all the coding standards here. Additionally, when there is a team involved, there is probably a company involved.

There is very little chance that the company might stop providing a specific service. You can always buy the same service here. The company will also be providing many other services. We will talk about that in the next point.

As of now, you need to understand this. A developer might not be available when you want to upgrade the app. You will have to find a different developer in that case. If he/she hasn’t followed any coding standards. There are very less chances that other developers will be able to work on it.

So, the team is a better option when you talk about upgrades and scalability.

Support and Services

App development is not the only service that you might be looking for, right? If you already have the app, you might want to market it or you might want the support for it.

Let’s talk about android. If Google rolls out a new policy, all the apps have to compile with it. As a result, you might want to roll out an update. When you have a team, you can simply ask them to create an update for the app.

this will be fast and it will is easier for you. In the same way, you don’t need to go anywhere else for other services.

Final Words

Often people go with a single developer for mobile development, this is the worst choice you will make. Therefore, always go with the company unless you want to develop a very small app.

If you are looking for an experienced team of mobile developers, you can contact us. We at FinwinTech have experts in mobile app development that can develop the best app for you.



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