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Why do you need to modernize your product constantly?

Love your product but you haven’t updated it in a while? You are missing MANY things in that case. When you have a product, you need to modernize it constantly. Proving update once a while or once a year will surely harm your product. Instead, you will have to modernize it constantly.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to modernize your product.

User Experience

One of the most important reasons why do you need to modernize your product constantly is because of the user experience. The entire revenue and the sales of your product will depend on the user experience. If you don’t have a good user experience, you are already losing a lot of revenue.

When you are using an old traditional product, your product might be giving the best functionalities but what about the user interface and experience? If the user is feeling hard in navigating around and using your app, you are the one who is the loss here. The users will stop using the app sooner or later. Therefore, you will need to find a way to catch their attention. You can only do it by modernizing your app.

If the user experience is great, you will get some of the free marketing from word of mouth and referral. People love to suggest apps and products to people if they already love the app. They will love the app if the app is modern and has all the functionalities that they want.

Performance and Security

The next reason why you need to modernize your product is because of the performance and security.

When you update or upgrade your product, you will surely have better performance as compared to the previous one. The companies and the communities are working hard to make sure that you get the best performance. Over time, many things are changing and many new things come with the technology you are using.

All this will increase the performance of your app and will give better security too. So, security is yet another great reason why you need to modernize your product.

If you have a digital product, many new vulnerabilities are coming into the market every single day. How can you assure that your app or the product is safe from all of them? The only way to do this is by giving regular updates. When you give the updates, you are modernizing your app.

So it will increase the performance and security of the product.


Modernizing your app doesn’t simply mean changing the UI and making it better. You also need to modernize the backend. modernize backend will give many more functionalities to the user.

Let’s take an example. If you are creating mobile apps and you have not modernized your app for a while, there are some of the things that you need to see. Over time, the mobile OS will have many updates which will have many new functionalities. Along with this, there will be new SDKs that will have new features.

On the other hand, some of the functionalities might be deprecated. This means that sooner or later, these functionaries are going to stop. If you don’t have an updated app, the user might install the app.

Therefore, you will have to give them regular updates and make sure that you are getting the best out of it. You can always increase the features and give more functionality to the users when you are upgrading your app and modernizing the product. This will help them use your product in a better way.

User Retention

If a person opens the product and they don’t see the modern approach, they will surely lose many things. Let’s take an example here. If you want to use an app for something and you have two options in front of you. One of them was updated a year ago and has a very simple UI whereas the next app was updated 1 month ago and has very modern features. Which one you would choose to use?

You will probably choose to use the second one, right? That’s simply because you know that the app has great features and you won’t have to worry about the security and performance of the app.

Further, if it’s a paid app, you can also assure that the support will be proper as compared to the app that was updated a year ago.

People will only pay if you give them the service they want. In this way, you will have more users who are using your app. Most of them will refer their friends and family too. Therefore, you will have a larger audience. Hence, more revenue will flow in. So, it’s always better to keep your product up to date.


If you are thinking that loss of revenue is the only thing that will harm your product, you are wrong. There are good chances that the old design or product will fail anytime.

It will cost you huge money to update from a very old app to the new one. Instead, if you have the latest version, it’s quite easy to implement.

For example, it will cost you more if you want to upgrade from SDK 2.0 to SDK 8.0. However, if you are using SDK 7.9, it will cost you very little to upgrade. Additionally, you also get all the benefits of 7.9 from the day you implement it. Therefore, you will save good money here.

Final Words

To conclude, these are the reasons why you need to modernize your product. Make sure you modernize the features, user interface, as well as make sure that you are giving the users the best performance and security. Make sure to tell them about the changelog.

Are you planning to modernize your product? Contact us today and we will help you in implementing new features. Finwin tech is a development business for years and has the experience to provide the best service you can use.



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