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Why your bakery needs a chatbot?

A chatbot is now a major requirement for all the business. If you are running a bakery, you can utilize the chatbot on your website to increase the orders and the sales you are getting. Now, for some people, it’s hard to decide how can chatbot help you with the cake business, right? So, here we have collected some of the reasons why the bakery needs a chatbot and how it can help you in delivering the experience you want. Here are the reasons why a bakery needs a chatbot.

Cake Orders

One of the most important things in the bakery is cake. Cake orders are something where people would want an easy way. You can easily take the cake orders via chatbot. The chatbot will talk to the people and take the orders. It will also collect the data on what they want to write on top of the cake. This is the best way to know the exact thing and get it in text form.

Further, you can also take the orders of other items and products directly from the chatbot. We told the example of cake because it is one of the best-selling products that people are interested in ordering. So, you can easily take the orders via cake.

The chatbot will ask for all the information from the customer such as which flavor they want and how much quantity they want. It will also ask for other information such as where they want the cake delivered. In this way, the customer can make the complete order directly from the chatbot. In this way, the customer won’t have to go through the website, the chatbot will do the work.

Decision Making

You can easily make the booking with the help of a chatbot. The next reason why a bakery needs a chatbot is for decision making. When people are buying the cake, they are thinking twice or maybe thrice before making the decision. You can use the chatbot to allow the users to make the decision. In this way, the users are more likely to buy from you as you are helping them in making the decision.

The decision will be made depending on the questions they answer. The question will ask them for the requirements. They can even get the number of the quantity they will need. For example, if a person needs a cake for 5 people, the chatbot can tell the exact quantity needed for the people. The person can make the decision accordingly.

So, the chatbot can help you to decide with ease. So, your customer can easily decide with a simple conversation. Decision-making is an important thing that you need to take into consideration. This will determine whether the person will buy from you or not. In this way, you can increase sales with ease. As you will have a unique feature that your competitor doesn’t have, you will be in advantage and will make more money.

Menu/Products available

Of course, they can easily see the catalog on your website if you have already provided them. However, one thing you can do here is upselling. Whenever someone orders the cake using the chatbot, you can show them related products based on their previous activities.

For example, if the user also viewed chocolates and didn’t buy them yet, you can show all the available chocolate that they can buy. If they are interested in buying the chocolates, they can directly order them via chatbot. So, this will help you in making more sales.

You can also showcase all the cake images if they want. Depending on their requirements, the chatbot will display a couple of pictures. Thereafter, the user can select the best pic they like. It will place the order for that particular cake.

Order status

For many bakery products, order status is important as well. For example, if someone ordered the cake, they might want to know the details of the order. You can easily send them the details via chatbot. The chatbot will allow you to send all the possible details for the same thing.

The customer can request the detail and you can then send the details to them via chatbot. This is a small useful feature that your customers will surely love. For big orders, the customers might want to know the rest of the details for the order. So, the order status feature is really helpful here. Unlike retail orders, bulk orders or wedding orders will take more time. As a result, this feature is very much helpful for such people.

Not to mention, this will also increase engagement and increase sales.

Support and Productivity

One of the reasons why a bakery needs a chatbot is the support. Who told a bakery doesn’t need support, you will surely need to have support? Let’s say for example, if a customer wants to ask something, who will they ask? They can easily ask the chatbot instead of calling your phone.

You will no longer have to worry about anything. The customer can request the support anytime they want and they will get the details they want. Even if it’s night time, the chatbot will be active and will be there to answer the questions.

Further, it will also increase productivity as you are not hiring anybody for support. You will get lesser calls and will have to worry less about managing the orders. You can focus on the business aspects while the chatbot will handle all the things for you. Therefore, it’s a great way to increase productivity and efficiency.

Final Words

To summarize, these are some of the reasons why the bakery needs a chatbot. There are many more reasons why a bakery needs a chatbot, we have just collected some of the most common ones.

So, if you want to increase your business and scale it up, you should surely have a chatbot. You can contact us and we will develop a chatbot for your bakery business as per your requirements which will increase sales.



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