Calling All Developers — the FIO Technical Advisory Group

As FIO continues to establish more partnerships with leading wallets, exchanges, and crypto payment processors, we would like to begin establishing our intention of becoming a fully transparent, open-source project. As a starting step, FIO is announcing the formation of the FIO Technical Advisory Group. This group welcomes in technical individuals from the blockchain community that would like to play a role in helping define the future of blockchain usability.

From the very beginning, FIO and the FIO Protocol was designed to be a project embraced by the entire blockchain ecosystem. Even though we are still in very early stages — our intention is to continuously become more transparent as we progress further towards mainnet. There are many things that are still under discussion by FIO and its members, and we would love to start garnering input from others in the larger community.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone who has technical experience in working with blockchain. You do not necessarily need to be an actual core blockchain developer, but experience with working with blockchain projects is preferred. We will ask for a GitHub profile link if possible, but if your expertise can be verified otherwise, please just let us know.

What Will I Be Doing?

Providing feedback and guidance on core issues and topics that FIO and its members are also discussing. As part of the group, you will be given access to draft-forms of much of our technical documentation as it’s being built (including our 35+ page whitepaper). Our hope is that those involved in this group may eventually be leaders of the open-source community once we launch mainnet.

How Do I Apply?

To be eligible, we simply need to you to fill out the form at We will be giving priority access to individuals with specific technical expertise first, but will eventually be widening the group to a larger developer community. If you don’t get accepted at first pass — please know that you will be kept on a list for future consideration.

While the Technical Advisory Group is an invite-only channel, it will meet in the same place as our general community Discord — Feel free to join to get updates on FIO!