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FIO <> ChangeNOW

The FIO Protocol has officially been integrated into the ChangeNOW interface, allowing for a simplified exchange process that doesn’t require you to enter a public address or scan a single QR code.

From the ChangeNOW interface, you can simply enter in your FIO Crypto Handle (formerly known as FIO Address) as the payout address:

Then on the screen where you would normally scan a QR code to send funds to ChangeNOW — scroll down to receive a FIO Request instead. This will send a request for exactly the right token and the right amount straight to your FIO-enabled wallet!

In your wallet, approve your FIO Request, which will include the type and amount to send — eliminating any chance of a user error on your part.

As soon the request is confirmed, ChangeNOW will begin processing the exchange:

And that’s it! You’ve now completed a fully non-custodial swap between different cryptocurrencies using only a FIO Crypto Handle.

If you haven’t gotten your FIO Crypto Handle yet, we encourage you to check out to get started with a free FIO Crypto Handle on us for the first year.



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