FIO Demonstration Video

Recorded on November 26th, 2018 — Dapix CEO, David Gold, and Chief Product Officer, Pawel Mastarlez, demonstrate the current functionality of the FIO Protocol using the BRD Wallet (one of many FIO members that will have this functionality enabled for the users of their respective products).

This video highlights all three components of the protocol, including:

  • FIO Addresses (human-readable wallet names to replace public addresses)
  • FIO Requests (request functionality)
  • FIO Data (metadata that can be attached on-chain to any transaction)

This demonstration of the FIO Protocol is a work-in-progress. Both functionality and UI are subject to change.

Wallets, exchanges, and crypto payment processors who are interested in becoming a FIO Member should reach out to FIO either on the website or email us at

Originally published at on December 3, 2018.