FIO Testnet and Developer Docs Released

Nov 1, 2019 · 2 min read

The wait is over!

After an year-long process of working with our FIO Members to define and codify the future of blockchain usability (see whitepaper and roadmap), we’re now ready for the wider developer ecosystem to begin integration.

FIO is excited to announce the public release of our developer guides and Testnet, including everything you need to fully integrate the FIO Protocol ahead of our mainnet launch (still on track for Q1 of 2020):

All links are available at

Our vision for the future of blockchain usability isn’t just to replicate the best features of the fiat system (refunds, invoicing, request for payments, etc) into siloed containers, but to make those features AND MORE a fundamental capability of every wallet and every blockchain token or coin.

Join us, come help us build the blockchain experience that the masses deserve.

Getting Support

We’re here to help developers — feel free to join our Discord or Telegram channels and ask any questions. Our team is primarily in the US, but we will assist as much as possible.

Our SDKs are fully open-sourced on GitHub, feel free to contribute!

What’s Next

For developers, you can begin the full integration of the FIO Protocol while it’s running on Testnet — this will allow you to seamlessly transition over to Mainnet once launched.

The FIO Protocol itself is now towards the end stages of optimization and security audits, and will be open sourced shortly.

We are currently finishing up documentation specific towards running a node. Although, you can get started now if you wish (reach out to us on one of our social channels or at As a reminder, the FIO Protocol is a heavily modified fork of EOS, so experience with any EOSIO chain is largely applicable towards running a FIO node.

You are invited to become a FIO Member or Affiliate Member, though doing so is not required to integrate FIO. Members are given the chance to reserve a FIO Domain ahead of Mainnet for users to reserve a FIO Address on (like bob: or jon:), in addition to receiving some additional assistance from our team. Membership does not cost anything — feel free to get in touch at

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The Industry Standard for Blockchain Usability


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FIO Blog

FIO Blog

The Industry Standard for Blockchain Usability

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