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FIO Update: 7/13/2020

FIO has routine meetings around the various projects and initiatives in progress across product, technical, and marketing teams. While some activities are kept confidential due to legal reasons (such as known exchange listings), we intend to maintain as much transparency as able.


  • Nearly a 6k growth in Twitter followers (about to break 50k), along with massive growth in Telegram channel (from around 1.9k to over 9k now)
  • Launched a FIO Address Twitter campaign
  • Finished two growth projects to be announced soon


  • Working on more transparency initiatives (do people want recorded calls, written updates, all the above?)
  • Ongoing discussions about additional exchange listings
  • Continued engagement from existing FIO Ecosystem wallets and exchanges, accelerated due to token listing and user engagement


  • Top priority is FIP-12, which is necessary to deploy future code without having to do a hard fork
  • Other FIPs in progress are 1 (transfer functionality), 2, 3, 4, and 10.
  • Continuing to assist wallets with integration, which have increased demand on developer resources
  • Registration site undergoing a ton of optimizations due to overwhelming response since the listing — increasing resources and fixing slow database queries are primary fixes
  • Knowledge base updates on wallet integration
  • Will begin updating a public Kanban board of updates


  • CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, and CoinGecko listing requirements filled out and submitted for their review
  • Creating public marketing calendar to see giveaways and activities
  • Working on two campaigns for two new growth initiatives
  • FIO Address Twitter giveaway started. Attempting to keep a variety of giveaways going for the foreseeable future
  • Completing requirements for event sponsorship
  • Evaluating Telegram group AMAs and looking through all the community manager options

Reminder — all individuals interested in co-marketing with FIO, or contributing to FIO in some other fashion should fill out the worker proposal form. DMs are NOT a good way to get a response from us.



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