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Free FIO Crypto Handles: Guarda Wallet

Starting today, FIO Crypto Handles (aka FIO Addresses) can be acquired on the @guarda domain, through the Guarda Wallet, for free for the first year, paid by FIO. Along with that, we’re running a promotion for users to win a chance at free ETH by trying us out!

How To Enter

  • Get Guarda Wallet if you don’t already have it
  • Add the FIO Token — go to the overview page (click the “receive” button)
  • Click the link to register your FIO Crypto Handle (aka FIO Address), there should be no cost
  • Go to your ETH wallet, and send a FIO Request for 0.2 ETH to giveaway@guarda
  • We’ll approve 4 winners on 6/25

What’s the FIO Protocol?

The FIO Protocol’s goal is to make crypto products easier, so anyone can use them. We do this by improving the user experience of sending and receiving digital assets through the tools you already use. Our website is at if you want to learn more.

As a quick primer — check out the explainer video below:

FIO Crypto Handles eliminate the need to see, or even know about, blockchain public addresses, for all cryptocurrencies available within the Guarda Wallet. FIO Crypto Handles mirror a familiar design that we’re used to seeing with traditional email addresses: “username@domain”.

A FIO Request is an in-wallet request for funds, which can be made from inside the Edge Wallet as shown in the video below. A request can be made for ANY blockchain token or coin supported by your wallet to any other FIO Crypto Handle.

For a full video of how you can use FIO Crypto Handles between FIO-enabled wallets, take a look at our live demo (you can do this today).



FIO Protocol makes crypto easy by replacing all of your public wallet addresses with a single, secure, customizable crypto handle. Use this single crypto handle to send, receive, or request any type of crypto as easily as sending an email.

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