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Indacoin Integrates FIO Protocol to Enable Purchase of $FIO Using Fiat

We are excited to announce that FIO has teamed up with Indacoin to integrate the FIO Protocol into the Indacoin Platform. Users of the Indacoin website, app, or any of their API Integration partners will be able to simplify their experiences of buying, selling, paying, or accepting payment in cryptocurrency utilizing features of the FIO Protocol.

Indacoin is a fully-fledged fiat-to-crypto gateway that offers a unique ability to buy over 100 altcoins with Visa and Mastercard. Operating in the UK since 2014 and available in over 180 countries, Indacoin’s primary focus is to provide secure bank card payments and enable other projects to sell their tokens instantly worldwide. Indacoin also boasts of industry-leading customer support with the average response time to technical support tickets under 5 minutes, which is not available on many other platforms. Indacoin also offers its users a loyalty program that offers cashback on purchases and the potential for 0% fees depending on how much a user transacts on the platform.

With the addition of the FIO Protocol, transacting in cryptocurrency has become easier for users of Indacoin. As users purchase Bitcoin, FIO Tokens, or any other cryptocurrency, they can select to have it sent to their FIO Crypto Handle on a FIO-enabled wallet. This process takes all the stress and the chance to make a mistake out of the picture by replacing your long-string public wallet address that you would normally send to with a human-readable FIO Crypto Handle. This makes sending cryptocurrency as easy as sending an email and eliminates the potential to make mistakes and possibly lose your cryptocurrency forever. A FIO Crypto Handle is in the format of username@domain. No longer will users have to worry about mistyping a character or any type of hack or exploit that alters the address where the user is trying to send funds. Grab your FIO Crypto Handle today at and use it next time you purchase cryptocurrency on the Indacoin platform. Also, as mentioned earlier, the FIO Token is also listed on the Indacoin exchange so users can easily purchase FIO tokens with a credit card. Those tokens can easily and instantly be sent to a FIO Crypto Handle enabled wallet to then use to purchase custom domains, custom FIO Crypto Handles, or stake tokens to participate in governance and earn rewards. You can use the Indacoin platform at or download the app on an Apple device here. You can also purchase FIO tokens directly from the Indacoin telegram bot at @fio_official_bot by starting a message and typing START. The bot will walk you through the process to make the purchase.

About FIO

FIO, the Foundation for Interwallet Operability, is a decentralized consortium of blockchain organizations and community members supporting the ongoing development, integration, and promotion of the FIO Protocol. The protocol is an open-source, decentralized usability layer solution that works across all blockchains, and uses human-readable Crypto Handles to replace the complexity, risk, and inconvenience that comes with blockchain-based transactions using public addresses.



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