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The FIO Foundation & Board Elections

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Current Board Members

The Foundation Board may consist of up to nine members. The Foundation Board, via multi-sig, will have control over the Foundation treasury.

Appointment of Board Members

The initial members were appointed from the pool of early industry participants in the FIO Protocol and will serve until one year after Mainnet launch.

The Foundation Board will conduct an ongoing poll among token holders for board member candidates and appoint new members from the pool of top 12 candidates by a number of votes received.

Initial polling of FIO Token holders for FIO Board seats will occur on April 15, 2021 at 2pm GMT-5 and then every four months thereafter.

Voting for Board Members

All FIO Token Holders may participate in straw polls for Foundation Board elections. To vote your tokens for Foundation Board Candidates you do the following

  1. Review the list of Board Candidates at:
  2. Note the Letter in the far left column next to each candidate you wish to vote for. You may vote for up to nine (9) candidates
  3. Send a FIO Request from any fully FIO-enabled wallet to boardvote@fio and include in the note (FIO data) with your Request the letters of each candidate for which you wish to vote (e.g., ACFG). The order of the letters is not important. Do not include any other information in your note (FIO Data) except the letters of the candidates for which you are voting. Do not exceed 9 letters/votes in your note otherwise, your vote will be invalidated.
  4. The tokens held in the FIO account associated with the FIO Address from which you sent the FIO Request will be tallied towards the candidates you selected. If you have multiple FIO accounts you will need to send a FIO Request from each separately to vote for each of those accounts. However, if you have multiple FIO Addresses registered to the same FIO Account (private key) you only need to vote with one of those FIO Addresses.
  5. You may update/change your vote at any time just by sending a new FIO Request with your new voting preferences.

Board Members Candidate Submissions

To submit yourself to be included in future ballots of prospective Board Members publicized to FIO Token holders, please complete the Board Candidate Form.

Board Member Responsibilities:


Board members must undergo KYC and cannot have been convicted of a significant crime nor can they be a resident or citizen of any countries that are lists of restricted countries maintained by the U.S. and EU


  • Proactively support the mission of the Foundation.
  • Be and become knowledgeable in the FIO Protocol objectives and high-level technical structure.
  • Actively participate in all Board asynchronous discussions and Board calls.
  • Sign approved Board motions and crypto multi-signatures in a timely fashion
  • Provide advice and guidance on Foundation plans and activities
  • Review Foundation budgets and provides approvals as required
  • Support the Foundation’s mission in social media and by making introductions that can be helpful to the Foundation.
  • Operate consistently with the Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation.

Board Compensation

Board members are not guaranteed any compensation. However, the Board may approve modest token stipends to Board members consistent with the Articles of the Foundation. All such compensation will be made public.



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