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🔥 Firebase-ing with Kotlin Coroutines + Flow 🌊

In this article, we’ll demonstrate using Kotlin Coroutines and 🌊 Flow with 🔥 Firebase Cloud Firestore in Android.

Firebase APIs are asynchronous i.e. you’ll need to register a listener if you want to read data or want the result of written data. As you might know, Kotlin coroutines are developed for…




Tutorials, deep-dives, and random musings from Firebase developers all around the world. Views expressed are those of the authors and don’t necessarily reflect those of Firebase or its parent companies.

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Shreyas Patil

Shreyas Patil

👨‍💻 Google Developer Expert for Android ❤️ All things Android & Kotlin 💻Organizer @KotlinMumbai | More info:

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