Heaven’s Pouring Down Love.

I’d recently came across a video as I was scrolling down the usual updates and posts on my Facebook page. The 3 minutes video tells about a homeless man who has been constantly eating dog food in a nearby restaurant, so that he will not have to starve to death. The video continues by showing how the owner of the restaurant welcomed him by giving him a meal (FOC) and telling the man that if he ever needed anything, he can always walk into the restaurant. Surely he will be served a decent meal. Heaven is always pouring down love, and it is pouring down its love through us.

Good afternoon readers! (because it is exactly 12:54pm) while I’m writing this down. 12:55 now. Welcome once again to another weekly update of our fireBRANDS blog.

Twenty-third of July

Jasmine seems pretty attached to Melanie.

If you were staring a little too long at the picture than you should, then you’re probably a regular here [ :)] Nothing wrong staring at someone who is totally foreign and new. (Through the screen, of course) We had Melanie with us for the first time last Saturday and of course, we’re hoping to see more Melanie(s) in our blog post every week. (You get my intention)

Ice Breaker : Ong Ken-Jeen.

Ken-Jeen leading us in ice-breaker

I like pairs. Almost everything comes in pairs. Gardening gloves, Christmas socks, Vans, shades, etc. So, we decided to go in pairs too that night. (yay)

Everyone was paired up with someone and was numbered with 1(s) and 2(s) alternately. 1(s) forming the inner circle, and 2(s) forming the outer circle. Lights were out, and both circles started walking in opposing directions. When the lights were back, everyone needed to find their pair again. As a conclusion that you had already found your pair, you sit down. SIMPLE

Oh and don’t forget to flap your wings when you walk.
Duck walking too.

Prayer // Worship : Nick Lee // Faith and team.

We moved on to prayer after we finished flapping our wings and duck walking in the dark. Our very own Nick Lee led us into a time of prayer, preparing our hearts right before worship :)

Nick Lee, the one in blue. Jon A the one in white, and also a huge Marvel fan

Before I forget, there is something that I would like to promote (eventhough it was already announced on service itself.)

If it isn’t clear enough, let me tell you again. MOVIE NIGHT.

Isaac Huang talking about movie night.

And by that, it also means that AYC is just around the corner! Bring your friends and family but don’t bring food. (awh man.) Trust me, you’ll find better food in church itself. But of course you need cash to buy food. ( RM30 per book ) — Yeah, you get what I’m trying to do. [hehe]


Speaker of the night : Pastor Andy Thum

Matthew 22 : 37–39

God wants all of you, everything.

“We can never love others rightly, unless we truly experience the love of God itself” — Andy Thum

Obedience settle in our hearts when we love God. If you want to walk with God, we need to walk in righteousness. Even if we fall, we shall not wander, but to quickly get up.

Malachi (1:6–11)

If you love God with all your heart and soul, shouldn’t all honor go back to Him at the end of the day? Honoring God is something crucial. Whatever that belongs to God, give it back to Him, as an act of honoring God.

We are all living sacrifices. Giving everything of you to God is an act of honoring Him. For example, say you are meeting the prime minister. surely you will put on your best dress that day, no? If that is true, what moore when we are about to meet God?

God is such an awesome God, that we can never grow tired of worshipping Him. If you build God’s kingdom, God will surely build your kingdom. Same goes, if you honor God, God will honor you.

God is not pleased when we give ourselves half-heartedly to Him. I believe that our heart’s desire is to see revival and the turning of hearts. If we, today, do not have the culture of honoring God, we surely cannot see revival in our society today.

When you begin honoring God,it is an act of bringing incense before the Lord. If you do not put yourself in a position of honoring God, you will lose your passion to something else one day.

“ For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor rulers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of the Lord our Father, that is in Christ Jesus”

— Romans (8:38–39)

Absolutely nothing can separate us from the love of God. Give back all the honor that belongs to Him.

Heaven is pouring down love. And by that love being poured down, we start reaching out to the lost.

Blessed week ahead guys, and I’ll see you real soon :)

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