Transformation & Multiplication

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You must be wondering why they’re holding hands. Well, because it’s icebreaker time! You might be asking yourself, what kind of icebreaker requires people to hold hands. It’s none other than the Electricity Game!

Charity’s coin tossing skill is OVER 9000!

So, here’s how it goes. The icebreaker master (Charity Loh) will flip a coin. If it’s heads, the person at the beginning will have to squeeze the hand of the person next to him and the person will squeeze the hand of the person next to that person. It goes on until the last person. Now here’s the twist, instead of running to a designated area, our beloved icebreaker master added a Chinese New Year twist. The person at the end would have to eat one piece of a mandarin orange to score a point for his/her team.

Let the 74th Hunger Games begin!!
Wonder if it’s heads or tails…
Run Jin Ern, RUN!

After icebreakers, we had prayer.

Prayer was led by Nicolas Lee

The prayer points were

  • pray for each other
  • pray for the students and workers as they return to school/work
  • that night’s speaker (Pastor Charles Curtis)

Up next we had praise and worship session led by…

Faith Kung Yue Yene

We had some announcement given by the handsome…

Shaun Leow

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Introducing the speaker of the night, Pastor Charles Curtis

  • Pastor Charles Curtis
  • AKA Spartacus
  • Has as son who looks like exactly like him and is very handsome
  • Forgot to prepare a Valentine’s day gift for his wife
  • Is the speaker of the night (duh…)

As the next day was Valentine’s Day, Pastor Charles told us that GOD IS LOVE and that is why, we don’t need a Valentine’s Day because every day with God is a Valentine’s Day

What did Pastor Charles’ message about? His message was Transformation and Multiplication

  1. Transformation

What is transformation? Transformation means change. And what Pastor Charles wants to talk about is spiritual transformation. He first talked about Jacob who was later on called Israel.

  • Isaiah 43:1 — who is Jacob? Jacob was the twin brother of Esau. In this verse, we know that Jacob is called Israel
  • Genesis 32:24–32 — In this verse, it tells us how Jacob was renamed Israel. It also shows that God can take a person, no matter who, and change them. Transformed by the Holy Spirit. This is the Gospel. God wants to change us and make us more like Him.
  • John 2:1–11 — In this verse, it shows Jesus’ early miracles where He turned water into wine. God loves transformation. God came to give us a transformed life, to turn our “water” into “wine”. When God transform our lives, it gets better and better. Not because it’s a problem-free life, but because God will be there with us all the way.

2. Multiplication

Pastor Charles gave us a question. If we were given the choice to:

  • get paid RM30000 for a whole month or
  • get paid RM1 on the first day and doubled the following day for a whole month, which would we choose?

If you were good at math, you would realise that even though the second option may sound little, the total amount of money you get in a month is a whole lot more than the first option.

  • Matthew 14:13–21 — In this verse, we can see Jesus multiplied 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes to feed 5000 people. Our God is a God of multiplication
  • At times, we feel insecure, we may feel that we won’t be able to impact people. But it doesn’t matter to God, He wants to use us to impact others. And He works in miraculous ways.

That’s a wrap for this week’s blog post! Hope you guys enjoyed! :)

Photo credits to Abigail Myra gregory

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