Why the hell is Pokemon Go so popular?

What’s up with Pokemon Go and why the hell is it so popular?

Here’s our theory (not at all based on any scientific rationale). We’ll leave that to the person doing his Masters Thesis on Pokemon Go and its effects on the greater Public Consciousness.

  1. COLLECT THEM ALL! Much like baseball cards or trading cards, you’re incentivised to complete your collection. There’s something satisfying and competitive about completing something. Like finishing a crossword puzzle or getting all the 12 back Kenner Star Wars action figures.
  2. LEVEL UP AND KEEP GOING. Very similar to #1 above but different. In addition to COLLECTING THEM ALL you also get to level up. When you level up you get bigger and better Pokemon.
  3. COLLECT THEM ALL! AGAIN! After you finish #1, you’ll realise that you #2 means you get better-powered Pokemon so you’ll need to rinse and repeat #1 again. It’s the equivalent of dying in Super Mario and starting again. Except you don’t actually die, you have unlimited one-ups and you continually get buffed with increasingly powerful Super Magic Mushrooms.
  4. BEAT OTHER PEOPLE’S (POKEMON) UP. The more time you spend in the game, the better your Pokemon. Use your badass Pokemon as an extension of your persona. Set your big guy up in a gym and take other people down. Because you know, it’s not gonna happen IRL.
  5. IT’S FREE! We love free stuff.
  6. EVERYONE IS PLAYING IT. Call it Fear Of Missing Out, jumping on the bandwagon or just plain ole curiosity. I mean if mum’s playing it, I gotta check it out.
  7. BOYS LOVE IT. SO DO GIRLS. While video games demographics skew slightly in favour of the boys (Japan is the odd exception to the rule), Pokemon Go transcends gender. How cute is it to see couples ‘Pokemon hunting’ together. Awww shucks.
  8. YOU GET TO EXERCISE! Walk 5km to hatch some eggs and burn some calories. Sure it’s a Win-Win. Just remember to look up and enjoy the scenery sometime.
  9. MAGIKARP. Because a floppy fish is so damn cute FFS.