Participating in Hacktoberfest 2020 with Firefox Daylight

Hacktoberfest is a worldwide event to celebrate and support open source. Firefox Daylight for Android will be part of Hacktoberfest again this year, and we have put Hacktoberfest labels on many of our GitHub issues!

Working on Firefox Daylight (codenamed Fenix) is a great way to contribute to a web browser and help out our brand-new project. Our code is primarily in Kotlin, which is easier to work with if you come from a web development or Android background.

Firefox Daylight is split into multiple repositories. While a lot of our UI code and functionality is in the mozilla-mobile/fenix repository, we’ve written shared libraries used in all of our Android apps in the mozilla-mobile/android-components repository. The GeckoView engine is not located on GitHub so pull requests there unfortunately won’t count towards Hacktoberfest.

How do I get started?

Make sure to look at the README in each repository, where we’ve written information about setting up for development and how to format your pull requests. Our pull request template includes a checklist to remind you of some essentials.

Finding an issue to help with

Start with issues that have a Hacktoberfest label, especially if they also have a “good first issue” label. If an issue doesn’t have a straightforward solution, you should comment in the issue so that we can have a discussion first. This leads to a higher chance of your pull request being accepted!

Need some help?

While we don’t have unlimited time to help, we’re still available to chat! You can leave comments on an issue you’re interested in, or chat with us on Element.




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