Notes Updates

The Notes experiment became available earlier this month as part of the Firefox Test Pilot program.

Notes overview video

We have a new updated version of Notes (v1.7.0) available today. If you are already a Notes user you should automatically get this update!

Here are some notable improvements in this new version:

New Keyboard Shortcut

Use “Alt+Shift+W” to open the Notes sidebar easily.

To remember the shortcut think of “W” as a shortcut for “Write some notes”.

New Dark Theme Option

The new Dark theme allows the Notes sidebar to better blend in with the Firefox dark theme or stand out more starkly next to light-colored websites. You can switch the themes in the Firefox Notes add-on preferences.

Firefox Notes add-on preferences pane

We are still working on bringing the Note syncing feature to you and will notify you once that feature becomes available. If you have feature suggestions or want to contribute to the Notes project please visit the GitHub repository.

Don’t forget to take our Notes survey to help us improve this product. You can follow the changelog to keep up with the latest updates.

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